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    I was trying to explain this to Roz last night, I’m not sure if she got it  :scratch:

    Lets start off with an easy one we see everyday.


    How do you know if a persons over 18?  You use the media to convince people they need branding, then set up centres to carry out the work and then get them to pay for it.

    A visible tattoo takes all the hard work out trying to figure out if you’re peodophile or not. If you see one you can sleep that person no matter how young they look.




    If someone looks young and both are looking into having sex…surely the older one would ask their age before embarking on such activities…however not everyone has a moral compass……..going on from that…even if the younger looking person says they are older and the older person has doubt…..its OK to STILL NOT HAVE SEX…..but we all know that probably rarely happens

    Your example is beyond stupidity as per… are basically saying if someone has a visible tattoo no matter what age that person is open to anyone forcing sexual acts on them…..its the same as saying wearing a short skirt encourages rape!!

    If your sexual “stories” have any truth to them I can understand why you think the above and basically confirms what a slug you are


    you are basically saying if someone has a visible tattoo no matter what age that person is open to anyone forcing sexual acts on them

    No I’m not.

    What I’m saying is:

    A person decided they wanted an easy way to determine age.  The law on tattoo required proof of age before the procedure.

    A visible tattoo is proof of reaching the age of consent.





    no….photo ID is proof of age…..we all know underage kids get tattoos…piercings….smoke….drink….have sex

    To a normal person a tattoo is NOT PROOF OF AGE…….only someone with an ulterior motive would make themselves believe a clearly underage person with a tattoo is available for sex

    The tattoo artist should be prosecuted if he did not do his due diligence on someone’s age

    the same as an adult having sex with an underage minor…..are you saying if you stand up in court and say….”sorry your honor I took the visible tattoo as proof I can have sex with that person” would stand?

    which brings me to the failings of the law and or prosecution services

    An example…from personal experience…slightly off topic but a good example of how the law sucks in this country:

    when i had an off-licence… sunday morning I sold some strong beers to an adult….now I knew this adult as a regular customer and had his name and address in the till system as he was a dvd rental customer……about half an hour later the police turn up at the shop accusing me of selling alcohol to a minor…..I showed the police the cctv of the adult purchasing the beer….who obviously bought it for this kid (obviously i was unaware of the fact and it is not my job to question the destination of alcohol sold….you assume its for the adult who buys it)….i gave the police the name and address of the adult…who broke the law…not me!….well guess what….nothing was done about it…the adult didnt even get a slap on the wrist or a verbal warning…..even after i had proof….yet they were willing to come down hard on me….if i had not had evidence via cctv i may have been prosecuted

    quite frankly it pisssed me off big time


    Oh God  :wacko:

    I’m not going to get into this debate on underage kids get tattoos…piercings….smoke….drink….having sex.

    My point was someone used the media to manipulate and start the trend.

    Can we move on now?



    Oh God :wacko:

    My point was someone used the media to manipulate and start the trend.

    Can we move on now?

    Point? What point? You did not elaborate on any media reporting…you made a feeble reference to media which bore no relevance to your post as it stands

    If someone read that media post and thinks its ok to use a tattoo as a DOB certificate they are as stupid as the original poster

    So no…we cant on from your post and what it insinuates


    Ok… we cant until I spell it out :wacko:

    Young people want to be “fashionable”….they follow celebs fashion, this is why “celebs” get paid to wear clothes or use products.

    Those in the media eye like Angelina Jolie or David Beckham have show cased “body art” for the last two decades creating this trend.

    The question you need to ask is: did they make a choice or were they paid?

    If you’re trying to push a form of control on young people, I cant think of a better way of doing it.



    Society conforms to present society and norms. If you not in the loop you considered an outsider..not the norm.

    All forms are used. Media, group talks, papers to persuade people. Churches, school board meetings,  government polotical parties so forth. Even chat sites. Other social media


    ok i been reading all this and its all bollox,i know nieces  etc who have their ears pierced so are they fair game like even tho they are only 5,well shes had her ears pierced she must be up for it? i worry about you doa sometimes.


    Do you need to be over 18 to get your ears pierced?


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