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    [email protected] guy.Gets funnier and funnier




    Glad q… enjoy…


    it is funny certain chatters on my list, to me seem to hide, then when people talk about them, then they show there self, like if they are there all day checking what all  or certain people say about them, i mean i dont have a prob with chatters staying invisible, if they want to do that, there is there choice, maybe they just like logging in or at times log in to read what others say, and or just inject there own comment in the chat room some times, it is that or they should put there option on busy, but people cud also go invisible as they get unknown people pm them, what they dont like, yes they cud block, but they make get many people who pm them, who they dont even know, i know i have a few times, but i think the women or suppose women get more people pming them, altho it wont happen now as guest cant pm obv, anyway unless people want to pm someone who is invisible, and they cba keeping there pm box minimized, i dont see a prob for people to go invisible, i mean also there are people who are shy, there is many reasons why people wud be invisible.

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    I agree JN. I’ve never personally used the invisible feature but I can see how it can be good. Say you are sitting at home and just want to stalk someone, I mean read the chat, not sure if you particularly want to chat or not, but if you are visible and a friend messages you, you then feel obliged to reply back or that would be class as ignoring. In saying all that though, the site is “Just Chat”, so maybe a little silly logging in at all if not wanting to have a conversation. It would also be good if you are only interested in talking to one person, so you want to know when he/she are logged in, but you do not want to talk to anyone else in the meantime, so it makes sense to use the feature that way.

    It would also be good for moderators, perhaps someone is acting like a total kn*b and have been reported a few times, however, when a chat guide appears they stop, this way a moderator can really see how someone is interacting with others. I have no idea if that happens or not, but it makes sense too.

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    in my opnion of if mods should be invisible, well i like seeing a mod visible compared to invisible even if they are not a good mod, also when they log in, as i know mods and i even seen martin log in, then he  and they went invisible, that or he wfk or some other location, i have seen chatters do it, that or and they have a connection prob, but back to the topic of mods invisible or not invisible that is the ?….. well i like to see the mods, as when they are in the trolls behave well the members do, not the guests, but not all members behave, Shockingly i seen someone like STAP be a cnt to the mod or and other chatters, and the mod dont do f all about it, i have seen that behaver in other chat rooms, like i have said multitudinous times in chat rooms, when people defend there self, they get told off, muted, kicked or banned, yet nothing happens to the troll, now i ? do all mods actually how to be a non biased mod?, i forgot what mod it was but the fact is offline and online life is unfair for the kind people, while like KOAN wud say “it is best to be a bad person in this world as they get it all” i mean i dont be bad, but in relation to that topic, my dad got bullyed in school and that bully became a boss of a company, just as people have some type of job it dont mean they should be entitled to that job. :mail:


    Old mizzery is the chief troll,hider and logger here,it makes me laff.

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    Old mizzery is the chief troll,hider and logger here,it makes me laff.

    Thinks that way as well mate.More names than a cows got hunt (spelling mistake) But she keeps thinking im Ride The Lightning !!!


    Tut ive only popped in a few times lately.

    Silly Billie’s

    Hi mister :) x


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    i remember a chatter who was called billy, i had 2 probs with him.


    Are you there? Are you alone? Can we talk?

    You mean that billy?

    There were two people being that billy.

    Both billy and billy wannabe was silly.


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