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    Turning into the new Afghanistan because they hate women?

    Lets play it out. You get a call late at night from the police/hospital telling you your daughter has been raped. Then appx 6 weeks down the line you find out she’s pregnant from this hideous act. Then you get the really bad news that under new Texas law the pregnancy cant be terminated.

    How can such a “superpower” of a country be letting this happen?

    Rape crisis centres in Texas are worried that the state’s new abortion law could see them face legal ramifications.

    Senate Bill 8, which went into force last week, stops women from having an abortion as soon as fetal cardiac activity is detectable, usually around week six of pregnancy, which is often before women know they are pregnant.

    Texas’ new “Heatbeat Bill” does not have an exception for rape survivors, which was a common feature of anti-abortion legislation previously. Anyone who helps a victim of sexual assault carry out an abortion can be sued by members of the public.




    So Somer mentioned this in the room this morning and my immediate thought was .wtf….we are going backwards….on typing that… of our American friends typed backwards?  I said there are circumstances where abortion is necessary or wanted or needed by a woman and the example I gave was a rape victim becoming pregnant

    His reply astounded me to be honest

    “one heinous crime met by another is ok?”

    Abortion is not a form of contraception and it is heartbreaking that some reasons for abortion are not always “valid” reasons to someone else especially if we think of childless couples who want to adopt and we all know there are not enough babies out there for these couples

    This is a very sensitive subject and I stand by my off the cuff comment of

    “if men were the ones having babies anti abortion laws would never exist”

    I know I will get crucified for that comment….oh well  :unsure:

    Lets have a debate

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    It’s a REPUBLICAN Bill, created by a REPUBLICAN State Senate  meant to appeal to their massive evangelical, pro-life base and is yet another example of the GOP losing touch with humanity while weaponising the unborn foetus for political survival and ignored by a right wing Supreme Court. trump’s silence portrays implicit agreement with the bill because he doesn’t want to aggravate the bible belt.

    Update – Texas is being sued by the DOJ.


    American politics – the comedy theater of the world.




    So they should be sued. im not pro or anti abortion but its there for a reason. And i agree with your comment Kenters. At the end of the day its the persons whos body it is to say yes or no to a termination not some bible bashing do gooder.


    Hmmm….. this his a bit of a sticky wicket  :scratch:

    In the UK there was much protesting on this subject back in 1960’s.  Mostly ageist on religious  grounds.  To keep those groups happy they put in conditions.

    Abortion Act 1967 permits abortions if there is:


    • risk to the life of the pregnant woman;
    • a necessity for abortion to prevent grave permanent injury to the physical or mental health of the pregnant woman;
    • risk of injury to the physical or mental health of the pregnant woman or any existing children of her family (up to a term limit of 24 weeks of gestation); or
    • substantial risk that if the child were born, it would “suffer from such physical or mental abnormalities as to be seriously handicapped”


    My Grandad told me they only passed this law cos MP’s kept knocking up there secretary staff and didn’t want to pay up  :yes:

    But times have moved on…. today there the morning after pill and freely available.  The need for medical abortion seems a little out of date.

    I look at what’s going on in Texas and feel the echo’s of my Grandads generation. Back in the 1950’s & 60’s no one in the UK would have voted to legalize abortion. Even now the law wouldn’t pass if put to a public vote.

    The Americans have the some of the same conditions for a medical abortion as the UK….. even in Texas and nothing will change that.

    So its hard to know what’s really going on in Texas.   Those who want an medical abortion can just go to another state… much like people in Eire coming to the UK.

    My feeling is Texas is just stoking up debate and trying to talk about something else but covid  :wacko:








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    Being raped isn’t a justification for murdering a child.

    Shouldn’t really be controversial.


    risk of injury to the physical or mental health of the pregnant woman or any existing children of her family (up to a term limit of 24 weeks of gestation)

    This baby was born prematurely at 24 weeks.

    Apparently its perfectly okay to murder it.

    Lunatics :wacko:


    Again I’ll say this: times have moved on.

    Contraception is widely freely available.

    In most cases medical abortion is carried out on those over the age 35 years or those with addiction issues in the UK.   I think there was a case of a mental ill woman being forced to have one some years back.

    Its hard to judge how many are carried out on people from the UK.  Right now London’s became an “abortion destination” for many.






    The hypocracy of republican politics even extends to rape…..


    Oh hello drac – long time no debate – i look forward to more priceless nuggets from you in here.





    Being raped isn’t a justification for murdering a child.

    Shouldn’t really be controversial.

    Drac.Are you telling me that (and i hope it doesn’t happen to you) that if you were rapped and got pregnant you wouldnt want a termination ?

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