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    We seem to be sharing same problem as U.k. !Woman from Alabama wants to come home..President said no..

    Apparently born here. Family political background supposedly. Interesting.

    You pass on your rain to us back and forth..why not share ISIS woman controversy. She wants to go back to Alabama


    And do our good friends in the USA think she should be allowed to come home Linda?



    Somer, to be honest with you, why now? Is it because she learned this other in refugee camp same area as her, trying to get back in to her supposed homeland..

    Been going on for few days now high lighting news. Think has a boy young too. Married 3 times ISIS men..all dead. Her father apparently a Turkish diplomat at time. She born in New Jersey..from some I have spoken to..feel for child..not mother…say kid alone granted to come to relatives.  No ties to Syria. They want that relationship cut completely.  Think she 24 years old. Father has an attorney and suing Trump just heard on news!. She apparently has some remorse for involvement. Who knows what Court will say..research as to true nationally comes up with.

    Let us see where next these refugee camp woman want to go home, and to where next time. France, Germany..seems shady to me right now. Umm some kind of plan using woman? Wonder?

    Be well somer. X


    Ours will be allowed to return or it would open a very dangerous precedence of trying adults for mistakes they make as children

    and putting the blame on a child that was groomed rather than the people that groomed them is not a route that should be explored

    the only sensible outcome is she returns to uk

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    While your all arguing over what country should she be in…………i got a better question….who’s paying for it what ever happens?…..

    Well at least paigeys not going on about gays for a while……LMAO

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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