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    yanno when somebody says to me,”i dont tell lies me” im like anybody who says they arent a liar prob is

    its like ppl saying im not a gossip… but

    or im not being funny …but

    we all tell lies but why lets try to analyse this

    now then lets have a look at expressions of lying

    born liar, so do babies come dancing out the womb thinking im gonna be a right lying bastard for the rest of my life

    nothey dont its a fact that kids 6 years or younger are incapable of telling lies

    its an alien concept to them


    billy liar

    tom  hanks liar

    my god  could you imagine if we all told the truth itd be carnage

    does my bum look big in this,er yes it does actually

    a good liar,excellent filmstarring helen mirren and whats his name full of twists and turns well worth


    a watch

    a white lie.whats that about just sugar coating the truth?

    you are lying thru yer back teeth,er surely id lie thru my front

    you bare faced liar,,so beardy blokes dont tell lies then?

    you cudnt lie for shitt,,glad i cant tbh

    to be a good liar you have to have a good memory,,,,and you are who?

    you lie thru your teeth you,,,er well where doyou want me tolie fromthen my arse?



    oh loads

    you cant hide your lying eyes ,fleetwood mac eulogise and rejoice singing about tell me lies sweet little lies


    let sleeping dogs lie

    ok i pass on that

    same as youve made your bed  lie in it

    okim running out of ideas now but if youve got anymorelying things

    please post dont make me a tracy and get no replies

    i love you all







    and im not lying xxx


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    ps whos this tom pepper geezer?

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    what i despise about liars is the fact they think i am a liar too.

    it is like judges, they make out they never lie and use the fact you lied against you.

    flucking hypocrites.

    oh and what i do like about liars is the fact they say i am crap in bed when i dump their sorry arrises :bye:

    we still mates jols :unsure:


    er dunno about mates but lets see eh

    re being crap in bed

    thats no concern to me,cos im that great in bed even my nxt door neighbours light up a cig when im done*(paper thin walls)

    and they dont even smoke,


    jols you know when you were flirting with erm u know who yesterday… did the pms go after that……… . :unsure:

    oh and good morning MY FRIEND :bye:


    Where the hell have you been Buddha?

    Technically, is it possible to miss the interactions of a big yella thingy?


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    i know where hes been,but im not saying

    you might  think im telling lies

    re are we mates

    ok then yeh but i need you to me a favour first. :good:


    longname i was in hiding from jols as him and his henchmen and henchwomen have put a contract out on my life :good:


    they do not know that i am bulletproof :yahoo:

    oh and good to see you hope you are ok and living life to the full x


    what is this favour jols my friend


    if it is another illegal favour i may have to decline as mi6 are hot on my heels for shoplifting like


    Saying “I always tell the truth” is probably a lie anyway, it is impossible to go through life without lying at some point.

    Saying “I always lie”.. means that that statement must be a lie which makes it true, it being true means that you always lie thus making it false… you just can’t win!

    Saying “I once saw a man eat his own head” is probably a lie too, but only if it doesn’t come from me because I have seen that shit man!

    Most common told lie…. maybe… “I Love You!”…. or…. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”…

    Most common question that often gets a lie… probably… “Does my bum look big in this?”

    Never say yes… unless she relishes her rotund rear end or you shall regret it….

    … ramble a bit more here …

    … say cheers or something here …




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