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    In reply to kiwi

    None of them are my

    Òops sorry some dead ppl in that list rip

    Were my friends shock horror gasp kiwi gets it wrong  again


    No wonder nobody likes you








    lol cosy u mean u got it wrong as they were your mates u mixed well with the renegades of jc. Hence why u booted and suited of many times for your part in bs stirring cosy   havent changed have you.  see linda cant stand you among others.I rest my case :yes:


    Dear Cleared

    I perchanced upon a very interesting piece of American reporting vis a vis the ‘situation’

    I thought, following the theme of listening in totality to each others links that you might find this as fascinating as I did. Ok, it is from msn, your new favourite news feed, but it presents many of the relevant facts. I wonder if you could unpick any for me.

    Believe me, I’ve tried.

    (8) Lawrence: Trump co-defendant Eastman lied on television about GA indictment – YouTube

    I replied to the wrong person. I tried listening to your link but I passed out from boredom. Exactly what is your point?

    Well cleared, I gave you the opportunity to see how tRump was going to illegally steal the election of 2020 using the fake elector scheme (the green bay sweep) in a 7 minute factual news piece.  Oh well, I guess you can use the 7 minutes for something else. Maybe this……..


    The Trump Coloring Book, Very Good Condition, Anthony, M. G., ISBN 1682610284 - Picture 1 of 1


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    Hey cleared,

    As you started this post almost a month ago, I just wondered where the ‘case’ had gone. Is it already down the toilet like tRump’s 2024 chances? Time to start another post me ol’ mukker.

    Dump tRump 2024…


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    Where in the heck is jolly, or what has he said? How many times have u been ban!!!!! did u run out of nameslol  c u around like a clown, yu’lll be back.


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Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)

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