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    To whom it may concern,
    You know who you are, I’m want to say thanks for listening, the support advice and friendship. Many come to jct for a variety of reasons, I came with a broken heart and jc didn’t mend it but it brought me some new friends whom I value greatly.

    in life we should always treat each day like our last, take chances, embrace life and place value on what you have. Sceptical asked is there a heaven,,,,,I have faith,I know that for me my life won’t end but I will get to meet those I love again for me rite now that’s important but the dnr is in place and you know what for however long I have left I will let my mum know she’s is loved, that I couldn’t have asked for more and for get heaven can wait.

    So thank you for listening and especially to the ladies of jc
    all my love
    Jk x


    I’m sorry I’m tired, in case you all wonder I’m ok, just down cause my mums fight is nearly over, can’t come in jc but sitting here late at nite I can view the boar
    d from hospital to pass the time x


    My heart goes out to you jeanie and lovely words from your heart – live and love each day is my motto but cherish those who make us who we are xxxx


    Hello Jeanie

    My heart shares your pain and my thoughts and blessings are with you and your family, and i know that from the years i have spent on JC i have made many friends who i now consider my extended family.

    May peace and love always be yours

    love and hugs Aunty xx


    Such wisdom, jeanie.
    Live each day as if it’s your last and remember to tell those you love that you love them.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones.
    God Bless xxxx



    (((((((((((((((jeanie))))))))))))))) x


    thinking of you xxxx


    Thinking of you Jeanie……..stay strong and cherish every moment ♥♥♥


    My best wishes.xx


    My thoughts are with you Jeanie xx

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 16 total)

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