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    are they a thing of the past? it seemed a one time there were loads of them,they must all be nearly grown up now,let me try to explain to the noobs who may be unaware,at one time this site was very promiscous it was all kept under wraps of course it wasnt a dating site

    but it was if not technically

    people at it willy nilly,meets,fights,arguments,jealousy,babies

    god i miss the old days do you?


    I think we are on the next chapter……JC Grandkids :mail:


    yeh theres a thought ore jc baby meets another and has a kid

    cool i hope it doesnt get a double barrelled name tho


    The JC Grandkids will be called

    (name) JC-(surname)

    DB is essential





    clemenza_milkman just doesnt do it for me


    Since you two seem to be the last two surviving members here I think the fate of future JC kids is in your hands, chief!


    oh hello thomas did you used to go in pats chat?

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    Since the event this morning seemed to take me back to 2005 that would mean I will visit PatsChat for the first time in four years, where I assume that’s where you and my future former self shall meet, ja?

    How do you do Jolly Roger? I hope you’re keeping well, I’m off to find my way back to the future. See you all in another 15 years maybe!

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    poor little boy,can you imagine his  first day at school

    teacher “hello little man whats your name then”?

    him “archie clemenza_milkman ,miss.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 21 total)

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