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    Who needs any one these days when you can just Google every thing?……i fall into this trap a lot…….friend wanted to tell me some thing the other week and i said…..don’t worry i’ve already googled it……..human interaction tends to go out the window with the net in a lot of ways……you end up with only one friend, your computer but on the good side… never argues with you…..LMAO


    yes u are right people are more looking what is on the screen than looking at a human in person, what is good and bad, i am not a offline sociable person that much anyway, but i think humans need a bit of in person connection with one or more humans, as if they dont they cud get social anxiety, and lose a part of what was once a time where people did more with humans until tech changed the world, but the good side of tech is it means u can do less and less things in person with people u dont like, and it gives people less human type fears.


    have a look at this MIST –

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    Some interesting facts just…….he was the brother if i’m right of River Phoenix who died quite young and the Director of this film is none other than the director of Being John Malcohow you spell it?…LOl one of the greatest actors of the later part of the previous century and beyond….Welcome to Con Air…..lololol


    God bless google. đź‘Ť


     roars in agreement and disagreement to JANE


    I sold lions to zoos once just…i did a roaring trade……it wasn’t my mane job though…..LMAO

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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