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    Oh man ive really done it this time.

    My brother and his wife put on a magnificent spread on xmas day.

    In a bid to repay his kindness I offered to help him clear a few of his sites yesterday as a goodwill gesture.

    I Mean I must have asked him 7 times on xmas day do you want a hand tomorrow no im ok he said 7 times then my sister in law discreetly nudged him and he caved in.

    Cut a long story short first site we went to il call it the Bristol home for the criminally insane.

    Theres about 40 paitents here my brother said but they rarely walk around and for gods sake don’t speak to any drs he said, its a miracle you have gone this far in life without being detected he said.

    Charming I thought so I just carried on chucking wood in the skip.

    No theres pretty much comings goings in this car park the whole time.

    This bloke comes up to me when I was loading a skip got a light mate he said?

    Some matches in the front of the van there I said mate help yourself.

    2 minutes have gone by and I hear a load of shouting so I run out to the car park and the normal looking guy was being wrestled to the floor by 4 doctors.

    The skip was also on fire.

    What the hells gone on I asked a doctor?

    Some bloody idiot gave him matches said the doctor.

    Brother dropped me home after that in a huffy mood.


    Well sorry to read such a bad event. Perhaps your day started off wrong because u would not let the dog play with his own french fries..and brother needed to take you out of home to distract you…… so he relented and said o.k. ..then on a job as usual you mischievous, and never follow the rules. Shame on you! And my finish with all the Bic lighters?..did I not tell you don’t play with matches or offer to others. When you going to listen u stubborn man..?

    So please please be good. Don’t offer New Year’s day. Whew….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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