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    I wanted to see where the sun went…it finally dawned on me…LOLOLOL


    As I understood by our pilot on the plane who announced for many coming into New York….

    For those coming into our area, “Hello sunshine” as UK having unusual weather in UK seeing much rain….for those coming Back home, “Hello Sunshine, warmer days coming, UK has rain till Sunday. ” we all laughed on crowded plane…

    For not sleeping all night, lol, well adjustment again to time changes, sunny day, and well missing my rainy days in which were very sunny in my mind and heart and extremely fun and pleasant…

    Awesome awesome visit, many people, foods, dancing, music, fun laughter.

    Try it some time q. May like it. Help u sleep better.


    Thanks for the advice Linda but i’m happy doing what i do. Never assume you know what i need…..may come across as patronizing.

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    Well Q. Just as assume about me, why not assume for you..

    It was more comment about what you may be missing out on. That all.

    Have nice day..


    i’m not missing out


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    I wanted to see where the sun went…it finally dawned on me…LOLOLOL

    I got the joke, unfortunately it must have been lost in translation.



    well the sun does not go to scottland no wait i lie it does, blink then u miss it.

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    i have had a lot of condecending people, people should be lucky u have not been put in the wrong groups most of yer life.

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    Well…first post..i’ve looked at today and reminds me of an interesting joke……There was this girl called Dawn and this girl called Eve……..any way……moving on…LOL

    Always great to see you Sarah…..thing is these days….life is so 24/7 that the monkey don’t always go to heaven….by the way..ever seen the film Lost in Translation any one? Bill Murray i think was in it.

    hi there just….keep your eye on just…he’s a good lad. reminds me of another light joke… this one out just……..what did the light bulb seller say to the council when he got evicted?

    Um…what’s that a picture of Sarah?…reminds me of another classic………I know a prophet who can tell the future but he has double the normal vision….he uses fore sight…LOLOLOLOL…you all have a great weekend.

    Oh yeah……respect to moosey…..i got a habit of saying what i like so if you don’t want me in your post…i won’t be offended if you tell me politely to stay out. moosey sets a good example in making an effort….After all (joke alert)..i might act like a crustacean but i ain’t all that shell fish……LOLOLOL



    Good to see you too sausage x


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