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    i have gave it considerate thought about having laser eye treatment for a good few years now,  i was just wondering if anyone has had laser eye treatment and if so,  did it improve your eye sight and were they any other things i might need to know.? Oh and that i am in my 50s and was wondering if they would be any dangers because of that fact.

    Oh and the fact i am as blind as a bat lol😁👍


    i had it done about 10 years ago budha and its a miracle .I developed cataracts quite young and my eyesight was deteriorating .i have perfect vision 10 years later he did a marveloous job .The operation itself takes about 15 minits in total u wear a patch at night in bed and put drops in your eyes for a week .Dont hesitate the result is fabulous :)



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    Hey Budha and Annie (nice to see you posting)

    I hope with the rooms being  a bit quiet at the moment the boards will liven up a bit

    Budha regards Eye Lazering……my sister-in-law….blind as a bat…I mean seriously….couldn’t see a 50 inch tv a foot in front of her without her glasses. She had it done in Boots in Kensington over 15 years ago now….it was a miracle….she still doesn’t wear glasses or her contacts anymore for anything

    When the time comes and I need glasses I will deffo get it done….assuming medically I can have it done (there are many reasons you cant) ….is it still quite expansive?

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    thanks so much you two wonderful ladies x

    Only one thing left to ask,   if it is not being that nosey before i go ahead and finally have this laser eye surgery done x

    How much if you don’t mind me asking x



    I have had a variety of quotes to carry out this laser eye surgery ranging from £3000 to £9000

    Do i go with the cheapest :unsure:

    Do i go with mid range price :unsure:

    Do i pay top price and if so would i get anything different from paying £3000 :unsure:


    I think the 2 people I know paid  about 5 k years ago

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    So it is best to pay a mid range quote,  to have the best service do you think kent x


    to be honest budha id get a referral to a proper eye surgeon .Get the best eye surgeon you can most of the eye surgeons in the NHS i presume are very well trained

    I got my eye surgery done but i had private health insurance and yes i know not everyone has that . Other people i know didnt have private health insurance and had to wait .Even if you decide to pay go for a reputable good eye surgeon your optometrist is the one that will advise you .If you can wait u can get it done the same as i did for free.Take the advise of your optometrists they are the experts in these things >

    One question i had was to the surgeon and the optometrist on subsequent visits was “could i go blind “. The answer is no .The lens grows a skin around it and it stays put and that my friend is very reassuring .

    Good luck with it all budha and like i said go for it dont hesitate.


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    So it is best to pay a mid range quote, to have the best service do you think kent x

    I think if I was going for it (and I will when the time comes)…I would be happy and expect to pay around 5k :good:

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