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    I watch quite a lot of films,im no barry norman,just an amateur critic some good some bad

    so i will start off with drone(amazon prime)2017 with aarrghh sean bean as an american drone pilot

    2/10 and thats being generous,one of the worst films ive had the misfortune to see,terrible acting and mr(i will do the voice over to any ad)bean with the most atrocious attempt at an accent in history..



    oh do feel free to contribute.


    I’m not one to blow my own trumpet but my last film was great  ;-)

    “Tango Obsession”
    Watch as this pair of playing chubby strumpets lick each other tigerishly until they ooze! These trainnes fondle their toothbrushes into their bits like you’ve never seen before.
    Pornhub gave it 2 stars  :yahoo:
    Redtube call it “sick”  ( I’m told the America’s use “sick” instead of good :scratch: )
    Stonewall said its the worse exploitation film they have ever seen and knocks back LGBTQ+ perceptions 20 years. The film needs banning or showing on channel 5 so no one ever sees it.  B-)
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    look   stop it i dont want to do po rn this is serious  ok

    you tranee fck


    James Bond film in cinema was last film in public I saw. ( No time to die)  otherwise last night on telly saw old film repeat not worth mentioning. :negative:


    Cosy’s never supported my acting career :cry:

    Did I tell you I’m up for a part in the new star wars film  :yes:

    Wait… it mite be star trek  :scratch:



    boiling point 2021

    low budget british film about 1 night in a top london restaurant

    the camera work was great,atmosphere perfect,acting very good and most importantly it draws the viewer in from the start and holds on to you till its over.


    oops forgot my rating erm er 7/10

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