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    Form 696 is a risk assessment form which the London Metropolitan Police requests promoters and licensees of events to complete and submit 14 days in advance of an event in 21 London boroughs.

    That better puggy? ;-)


    that’s much better Tinks :good: :yes:

    National Route 697 of the National Cycle Network connects Garforth, West Yorkshire with Knottingly via Castleford and Ferrybridge.


    PublishedMonday 23 November 2015

    Air pollution caused the premature deaths of an estimated 698 people across South Yorkshire in a year, according to statistics highlighted today.

    The figures for Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley were revealed by charity Brake as it called on people to ‘drive less and live more’ in a new campaign for the launch of Road Safety Week .


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    Seven Hundred Elves

    Seven hundred elves from out the wood
    Foul and grim they were
    Down to the farmer’s house they went
    His meat and drink to share

    There was a farmer in the west and there he chose his ground
    He thought to spend the winter there and brought his hawk and hound
    He brought with him both hound and cock alone he begged to stay
    And all the deer that roamed the wood had cause to rue the day

    He felled the oak, he felled the birch, the beech nor poplar spared
    And much was grieved the sullen elves at what the stranger dared
    He hewed him baulks and he hewed him beams with eager toil and haste
    Then up and spake the woodland elves: Who’s come our wood to waste?”

    Up and spake the biggest elf and grimly rolled his eyes:
    “We’ll march upon the farmer’s house and hold on him assize
    He’s knocking down both wood and bower, he shows us great distain
    We’ll make him rue the day he was born and taste of shame and pain.”

    All the elves from out the wood began to dance and spring
    And marched towards the farmer’s house their lengthy tails to swing
    The farmer from his window looked and quickly crossed his breast
    “Oh woe is me,” the farmer cried, “The elves will be my guests.”

    In every nook he made a cross and all about the room
    And off flew many a frightened elf back to his forest gloom
    Some flew to the east, some flew to the west, some flew to the north away
    And some flew down the deep ravine and there forever stay

    (as recorded by Steeleye Span)


    Year 701 (DCCI) was a common year starting on Saturday of the Julian calendar. The denomination 701 for this year has been used since the early medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era became the prevalent method in Europe for naming years.


    702, named after the area code of their hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, is an American platinum-selling female R&B trio, made up of three young African-American women: lead singer Kameelah ‘Meelah’ Williams and sisters Irish and LeMisha ‘Misha’ Grinstead.

Viewing 7 posts - 721 through 727 (of 727 total)

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