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    Has anyone been following this?

    The 300 muslim protesters there recently clashed with labour mp jess philips.

    This labour mp told them they were a disgrace to islam.

    The school even had to shut early last week.

    The headmaster described the school to be under siege.

    Another case of the labour party being out of touch.


    Yes, I’ve been following that.

    Not sure how the Labour party is out of touch, though.

    I don’t always have time for Jess Phillips, but she seems right there. Christian and Islamic moral rules should remain within the Christian and Islamic communities (provided they don#’t conflict with British laws).


    The recent election results tell me they are greatly out of touch.

    Alister campbell voting for the lib dems also tells me that.

    Ive give jez 2 months at the most.




    I was very disapointed eddie izzard didnt make the labour nec committee.

    He was very vocal about the anti semitism in the party.

    A millionaire in a dress wont connect with the common man skep.



    Yes, milky, I agree with you that Labour has failed to connect over Brexit. They’ve lost or are losing their supporters to either the brexit party or to the LibDems/Greens.

    The secretive and manipulative attitude of Corbyn’s office is leading to real dissatisfaction among many of his most loyal supporters. Campbell could well have spoken out to provoke this expulsion – if so, the Labour leadership fell into the trap head on. They’ll come out of this worse than he. Their dithering attitude over Brexit has breathed new life into a disgraced and moribund LibDems, and it’s also revived Blairite fortunes. John McDonnell, who has his head screwed on, is in despair, from what I can gather.

    I don’t think most people are that bothered about the anti-semitism charges, as yet. A campaign very cleverly handled by the Jewish lobby, and again handled badly by Corbyn’s office and supporters – the appalling mess in his pants by Ken Livingstone on this is a classic in how not to deal with an issue. Having said this, I think the charges aren’t fair – I  have no sympathy with the claim that calling someone a Zionist is racist.

    I would like to be a millionaire, and am prepared to wear a dress if that is what is needed. Wouldn’t you??


    Eddie was too busy choosing a new dress…of sorry that was sceppers…….LMAO RATF PML


    What a load of sanctimonious rubbish skep.

    I wouldnt wear a dress on tv and act like eddie izzard for all the tea in china.

    As you stated you would.

    I think labour party supporters are getting brain washed to dress as women?

    Any thoughts paige on this, id like a females views.



    I don’t care these are southern problems

    but im reassured by that millionaire chancellor that we do not have people living in dire poverty despite the report of the United Nations saying we do

    I’d like to congratulate Nigel farage on securing his European pension for being an mep and let’s hope he achieves the same success he did while being a UKIP mep his successes must be huge if so many voted for him i for 1 would be enthralled to know what they were


    Paige in which direction birmingham from bristol?

    Its in a place called the midlands.

    How did you do in geography at school?

    So you have a im alright jack stance to voters in the south?

    I dont think this is a southern or northern issue, i think its about family values.

    Worrying about nigels pension wont solve anything.

    Id be more concerned with the brexit partys results in the north east.


    when You stop avoiding what Nigel achieved as an mep I’ll give you an answer

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