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    As this my thread, my Happy Birthday wishes to Mizzy.

    As at times we have had our tugs of war, gone through god only knows difference of opinions, fought, laughed and cried together, she above all has actually taught me to laugh again search my own soul of despair, wrote first poem ever with, and there all times when in need of uncertainty. For this I am blessed, humble, to interact with her here. And we having hell of a Party when visit in March…

    So Happy Birthday Mizzy, I love you………..

    Shout out good wishes only please…remember. her day……

    Thanks, Linda

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    happy Birthday, Ms Mizz    xxx ….


    you are one of the characters of jc, and that is undoubted

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    Thank you too Scep xxx

    38 again see :)




    💋💋💋 Happy Birthday Sarah 🎂

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    Thank you x cakes gone :( I nommed it

    nom a nom



    lol u think I’m going say happy birthday to that nasty witch

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    Happy 50th Dipsy.Looking your age :yes:



    Happy birthday Mizzy, hope you’re having a lovely day xx

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    You know the most favorite of my creatures whom over load my back yard, Bambi’s…

    Not sure who allowed u in for best wishes, but think invite did not include you, on Mizzy’s Birthday…

    Now recently discussed this over deer population with Somer1. He told me to shoot them..haha. like them, feed myself….

    However, November if recall us our hunting season. 2 allowed each. With bow/arrow or rifle….

    Now as I gave up my license to shoot a gun….
    Still have it let me see, where? Love bow/arrow, not used for awhile so my draw on string not too strong anymore.

    What you prefer I use to exit you off my property???? Of course, nicely.
    Please Bambi not being rude, use comments in rooms, OK


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    Ride the Lighting..

    Not sure if nice joke, or perhaps below belt type. Not familiar with expression..

    So maybe look in mirror and decide if invited or uninvited.


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