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    P.s. Also often I hear and read as LD pointed out our President being so awful and stupid.  For those who voted for Boris Johnson he doing anything better?

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    What i dont get is if Mr Trump is so foolish, why did our nhs trial hydroxychloroquine?

    Shall we have a discussion on that.

    Ive noticed some very cheap and underhand comments flying around on this thread.

    Very disapointed some people chose to go off course here.

    Please stay factual.


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    The normal people left here, linda, puds, cleared to land sassey, tanya.

    All from the usa.

    Non trolls, good people.

    How about a bit of respect.

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    Good manners cost nothing.

    All the above names dont have a bad word to say about us.

    Can we at least, pay them the same respect.

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    Thought for the day, if people can openly criticise the land of the free.

    Can we say anything about india or pakistans leadership?

    Lets see what happens there!




    Puds and cleared to land could contribute much more on these boards.

    Both nice guys, know there way around in life.

    I can only say sorry about the outlook off some here.

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    When a guide gives me permission, il start talking about pakistan.

    One law for one, one law for all.


    Thank you sweetheart!


    i means what’s all this human rights crap got to do with the lockdown? So flipping American!

    There’s nothing American about it. Natural (human) rights are rooted deeply into English Liberalism, which is the foundation of our country.

    Rights cannot be removed or suspended for any reason. The government does not have the authority to do so, and any claim that they do is not legitimate.

    The lockdown was put in place to protect EVERYONE even dickheads

    its sad and unfortunate due to the Covid lockdown many will lose their jobs and businesses however if you die you certainly won’t need either of those

    About time people stopped seeing the negative and pulled together

    The lockdown does not protect anyone. Protection can only come from people exercising common sense and choosing safety precautions that are appropriate for their own situation.

    The lockdown will likely turn out to have killed more than it has saved due to it’s poor implementation. Mostly from people being refused basic medical services and operations. But also due to the lack of NHS policy regarding releasing infected patients back into carehomes.

    Social isolation will also cause many suicides, as will an increase in domestic abuse.


    One thing is for sure over this, we have had no leadership whatsoever,

    and to say we have had mixed messages is the understatement of the decade.

    The bloke whos been telling us to stay, in drives to a castle to test his eyesight?

    Couldnt make it up could you.

    This cummins bloke, on the news the other morning, he was carrying his clothes into downing street, in a home bargains bag, im not joking.

    What a scruff.

    Will he be sacked?



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