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    My my my talk about a personality disorder if ever I saw one….take a deep breath

    Janey, honistly the woman tells so many fibs she forgets what she says. Tried very hard to involve me in her bloody chatroom problems, i am that thick, i stuck up for her and believed everything she sed. She isn’t the only one to loose a baby but she will use that excuse for ever more to get drunk. She will not listen to anyone and soon turns against them after she’s realised they will only take so much lies. Made a right fool of me by spamming and swearing blind to me that it wasn’t her doing it. Me arguing with Jan and everyone it wasn’t her. What a twat I felt convincing myself she wouldn’t fib to me. Falling out with people all over because of her and her following me on the boards ,saying awful stuff about me. You just live and learn. Personality disorder, try schizoid. She haven’t got the balls to go get help and sort herself out.

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    You are correct I am writing of love and he knows who he is….I love poems and wish I were better. I really love painting and drawings they are my passion

    You ought to post more poems, Ms Sass.

    Mizzy has a real talent for it, but she’s so rarely here now. Nem can write some good stuff. I am a total coward when it comes to writing it. But I love reading them.

    I take it that you like to paint and draw, rather than look at paintings and drawings.

    My hands used to shake terribly when I was at Junior school, and I couldn’t draw. I’ve not tried since. I was even repelled by looking at colour and paintings for many years – the effect of a painting on the classroom wall of Persephone being drawn uncontrollably towards a crack in the earth towards Hades where Pluto (I think) wanted her to be his Queen –  though I’ve overcome that as I became older.

    If you can post any paintings or drawings, that would be wonderful.

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    I will try to post some of my drawings and paintings, hope you will enjoy them


    as I’m banned again,well they had to ban me,born was complaining that I never get banned.Im looking forward to see your drawings sass.x

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    I have posted some pics of the cakes I’ve done if you haven’t seen them, chech them out

    Cake and eat it too


    I cant eat anything just now i have a rampent tooth infection.

    I have to wait till the infection clears up before they fill it.grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr V V V :negative: so fcuk the cake!


    Cake and eat it too

    Now that phrase rings a bell :whistle:


    Think we all heard that expression. Universal. Lol….. like those bad words too!


    FGS lindas dont tell me youv never sed a bad word.


    Oh my often enough. Lol. Especially when it cold out..warming up car..frost on it. God knows what I may say in my sleep..not say during up hours. Lol..

Viewing 10 posts - 61 through 70 (of 78 total)

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