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    You might think your smart, playing your games. I was nothing but nice to you. Then it started again.Im sorry moon, Your nice and intelligent and I tell everyone that.I get so much stick for talking to you though. I can talk to you now.
    wtf? is wrong with you? Are you a man or a mouse? I haven’t had that since I was at school.
    People keep saying he’s a player moon. I don’t give a shyte if your a player, its common courtesy im after. I don’t give a flying bat for your bank balance or how tough you are.Its just nice to be treated like a human. Just because I drink dosent mean to say I haven’t got emotions.


    Fgs Moon…. get a grip…you are leaving yourself wide open for more shyte on here , once again. #-o



    Think i need a nappy as just pmsl trapper


    told she was nuts on mario netty one day u will actually listen and help her rather than fuel her netty if u cared u would see she has a problem , why not be a friend too her netty instead of a an up yr arse woman with the brain capacity of a slug :)


    your not a friend netty ur a bitter old stirring cow and most sane see it love :shock:


    shes becoming as erratic as u netty whats the odds pmsl :(


    @trapper wrote:

    that is wickedly funny


    I think that’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen in ages! Well done Trapper for bringing a smile to our faces whilst all this rubbish continues. Let’s hope it dies a death soon.


    must be honest that pic is quite funny ,,wait till she finds out im having marios baby lol :shock:

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 28 total)

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