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    Anyone had one of these yet? I don’t often get a McDonald’s, every once in a blue moon I like to get the breakfast, but I am thinking of going to get one of these for my dinner tonight. They are only around for a limited time to celebrate 50 years of the Big Mac. They also have a smaller version called the Mac Jr.

    Apparently this Grand Big Mac was the original size when it first was released.


    KING i am still trying to find that pink lucozade


    I got it in a local shop JN, but when I looked on the Asda website there just now it’s saying Unavailable, so maybe they have stopped it  :negative:  The original & orange are nicer anyway  :good:

    By the way, I was wrong on Friday when you picked the euro-millions numbers, the stars go to 12, I said 1-9 :p We never won :negative:

    KING i am still trying to find that pink lucozade



    dam 12 it is ok i prob complain about the drink anyway, given me stomach pain

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    Just a little update. I did get one, and fries. Was as per expected, just a larger Big Mac, felt a bit lethargic for a few hours after having it, and then was hungry again. Not the best burger in the world for £4.19. No rush to get another one before the promotion is away, will wait 50 years and get again on the 100th Anniversary.


    mdc food just gives me a mcd hangover just bad stomach pain


    2am McDonald’s…


    no dont go to mdc it fuks people up

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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