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    I would love to assist you on interpretations,  however, I have been told that I still am not competent to do so. Lol.x



    if he doesnt police to your satisfaction then you should take it up with him and not be abusive to polite chatters.

    No he doesn’t

    im sorry that martin doesnt police the site to your satisfaction. personally if i find a website unsatisfactory for my needs i wouldnt be using it.

    martin is policing the site. he doesnt have to police it personally to police it. you point out he has staff. the police chief comissioner sits on his bottom all day smoking cigars while the bobbies do the hands on work and patrols. someone has to be boss and lead the others.

    because martins policing methods are, in your opinion, poor and unsatisfactory that gives you no right to insult polite chatters.

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    OK so hugs and milky don’t get on…LMAO ….more like milky puts the knife in in my opinion…… ive already said……milky is always the first to put hugs down then write silly posts reporting me to Martin…..

    LMAO RATF PML…….i’m sorry linda but you have to stay out of this one…….i’m sure you’ll give private advice to milky though of course….


    Give my regards to orson both of you…..

Viewing 3 posts - 71 through 73 (of 73 total)

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