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    I do say this often when complimented for what I do. Not often in life when you work hard, go far and beyond call of duty that you recognized for your efforts. Not that you are really looking for anything. BUT some times at work, a mere thank you from your employer, family, friend would be nice to hear that you are appreciated.

    I say often, “I am humble” appreciate kind things mentioned, thought of, about me!

    Mr. Q. has really fulfilled his appreciation on his kind remarks often when it comes to me. Truly humble..Thank you!

    Not speaking for his favorite others, hope they don’t mind…Scep, pixie and Somer…sure they appreciate you too!

    Now boy cycle away, keep your day job as your comedy would not give you a job in a club.

    Oh…Have a nice weekend!  BYE

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    What a sad bloke hes gotta pay for it 😂😂😂

    And here he is making out to be the best singer the world has ever seen 😂😂😂

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    My contribution. The Mr Q question song
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    Iwas singing along with that Soph but was sure they sang “my head is full of bollox”


    Oh yeah free for all bullying here yeah

    wind your necks in

    So he says stuff you dont like?

    great gang up on him always good always good idea

    so many on one?

    yeah so no one argued with hitler? go ahead

    your clothes might smell nice but who put the washing power in?



    It is like being at school, all the cool kinds ganging up on the one who is just a little bit different.

    Misterq is an acquired taste.  Yet it is ok for so many to gang up on the one person?

    Are you all trying to drive him out of JC?

    He is upbeat, annoying, makes stupid threads that no one wants to read and he doesn’t care.  That is no reason to bully him.

    He does not realise that his threads are total crap.  Leave him be and stop being nasty.




    He may be a prat but give him a break.

    Are you all so perfect?

    if you were in my local pub i wouldnt buy cds off you but id let you buy me a pint and tell you to fuck off

    linda no one order a mexican donkey

    go and give milky a blowie on skype with your teeth not in under the pillow and your incontenance pads in the sin bin

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    Ruthless my my tis you who smells too funny..

    O.k. so it o.k for q..come out in numbers, name, use thread post slam dunk every one he pleases..puts up threads..insults, so when people come hoo we ganging up on him? Tis it truly you ruthless who explains to us about your relationship with Mizzy, Sarah? Wife.  Think we told once by your best friend you tried to kiss revolting and awful you were. become a born again smell too nice.. Are you being paid for services rendered?

    Are you sharing joint account with your gal pal? Oh how sweet it is..

    Your words so closely knit in with her..I hope she worth it.  You see you have pointed out to me only in a nasty direct comment, because she will do anything to take me down. You failed Ruthless to attack others Mr. Q..loves.. ummm, how sweet you are. I am humble on that personal attack. Thank you….

    Have nice weekend! Waves….

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    I’m not in favour of driving anything out.

    But it’s a bit rich to say that Q, whose insults are constant, shouldn’t be criticised. The man, if man he is, strikes me as out to destroy the boards by a constant flooding of pointless threads.

    People who want to use these boards for discussion and banter with one another are rightly annoyed, and those defending this troll are defending his right to destroy discussion here.

    Now why would they want to do that??? hmmmm :scratch:

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