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    Mrq has done 15 threads on the trot with no reply before.

    It will take some teamwork but can we beat his record and get him up to 25 no replys.

    It will be months of jilted john type posts now

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    The only reason I’m replying is so you can retain your clowns crown of 24 no replys.

    Shame you were not the same after all the times you were locked up and grassed your mates up needless to say they are not your mates anymore.




    oh no a piss take from milky………the judge of just chat…….just like I said….never comes in unless to slagg some one off….give my regards to orson…LMAO RATF PML

    One things for sure with milky…linda wears the trousers so that only leaves milky wearing the skirt…LMAO RATF PML


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    jilted john eh? that what linda wil lsay when she realizes how immature you are?…oh sorry she wont because shes worse than you….give my regards to orson…PML LMAO RATF

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    Q milky is one of them kappa tracksuit wearing old men that tuck their tracksuit bottoms in their donnay socks and wear fake rockports 5 sizes to big standing out side the dole office telling eveyone he’s gangster just after being sanctioned and the one that gets ninths on a kingsize silkcut lol

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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