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    Budha :negative: :wacko:

    time being up yet :heart:

    haha…i likes it ladyhm :rose:


    how much did you lose this time somer :unsure:

    Never bet on rugby myself,so sweet F.A.

    But as with refs there’s always one who thinks he’s bigger than the game wanting his 2 mins of fame. Well this twat got it.

    So no worry Morg i lots fuck all  :bye:



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    Never trust someone who says…..I don’t lie…..I never lie……I hate liars

    They usually are the biggest liars around

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    If u lie webs spin get bigger…bigger.  Personally I would hate to get tangled in those webs and would bite me with guilt. So let’s just say I like to be honest best of my ability. :yes:

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    awww linda :rose:


    something that is too good too be true👍


    Never trust anyone who says ‘you can trust me’


Viewing 7 posts - 11 through 17 (of 17 total)

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