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    After killing another pair of over priced sandles…. this year I decided to up grade with a pair of over priced merrell hydro moc for £60.   To be fair.. if you’re on the beach or in water a lot…. there worth the money.   Really hard wearing beach shoe.

    But like most new shoes… they started to hurt and cut into my heel  :cry:


    Sooooo wot to do   :scratch:

    Well they are single-density injected EVA ( plastic) and over time with the warmth of the sun form around your foot like a second skin  ;-)

    So I got out the hair dryer and speeded this up  :yahoo:

    Bent them into the right shape for me  :good:


    Now they dont rub or hurt and fit better  :yes:

    All I have do now is work on the smell… without sweat and sea weed smell people will think I’m a tourist  :negative:




    That looks more like a circumcision gone wrong than your heel

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    probably is tracy as this one is not right upstairs….but that sure looks painful hahahaah :bye:


    i cant find the dislike button

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    it is over there>>>

    my friend :good:


    well i tried “over there” but i still cant find it,is it that litnttle green button at the bottom?

    anyways talking about bottoms


    thats the crappestethread ive  ever seen

    its even worse than tracys

    you need to sharpen up your act “luv”

    or me and you will be having “words”




    ps i hate you



    This thread isn’t my fault.

    Kent f obe asked me about this yesterday and insisted on picture’s of my pain :-(


    o1 dont be  blaming kenty

    just admit it your thread was the shittest  one the world has ever known


    Is that a challenge  B-)



    jols just be happy knowing his little swollen heels are cut to ribbons lol

    i know i sure am :good:

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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 36 total)

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