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    Each year we say we’ll start doing this, or stop doing that. But more often than not our big plans get dashed sometime before January is over. 2017 stands before us like a blank chapter in a book, what would be the first chapter in your book for 2017?

    My new years resolution is to enjoy the little things in life that you never notice ,learning to appreciate life’s simple pleasures. Give people more of my time. Learn to use a yoyo. Splash in puddles. Having the nerve to try that big slide in the park that my granddaughter keeps asking me to try out! Its not that I am nervous, its the worry my butt might get stuck on the way down!! :good:

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    Made one yrs ago NEVER to maker a new yrs resolution again… i kept that one


    Your post made me smile Sophia…I hope you enjoy the little things and many many more too

    Funnily enough I have never actually made a resolution….I have made decisions to drink less…eat less [email protected] and all that but never in January….ive always felt its the wrong time of year….winter we need comfort food….and after a long happy break like Christmas….its always difficult to stop eating nice things….most will have loads of chocolates bought and given as presents….they’ve gotta be eaten!

    Having thought about it though….there are a couple of things id like to have the courage to do…but I doubt I will

    Happy new year to you Sophia…hope its a healthy one for you and yours xx


    Hello everyone….New Year Resolution, I don’t have one but it’s more about doung what you want really such as a goal, for example a place you would love too visit or something you wish to acheive.

    My thought each year is that the previous year has ended and now its time to make way for a new one so lets live life, be happy and if we’ve made mistakes the previous year then try not to repeat the same thing..Leave the padt in the past and never look back.

    Have a good New year and if you really want something enough then start to take the path that leads you too that…Even though you may think its difficult…TRY IT…x


    I was considering spending a lickle quality ME time – nails/hair/massage/sun/botox etc this year as I have neglected myself lately.  Todays colour is henna from an indian wedding we attended – the girls were aghast !




    I’m having slight difficulty with mine because its out of my comfort zone.

    But I do intend to stick to it come hell n high water.

    I tend to see the good in people, even the horrible ones, but I think I’ve taken enough now.

    my head faces forwards for a reason, I won’t stop being the nice person I have always been, but I will be turning my back on people in future instead of offering olive branches.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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