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    Ok been threatening this for agessssssssss lol

    The place Newcastle, and the dates friday 8th of June to sunday 10th of June, obviously ppl dont have to come for both nights but i will be there for both, any tips on hotels would be very welcome doesnt have to be fancy as long as its clean and easy to get to, please dont post hotel names on boards as we dont want any unwelcome visitors lol so anyone wishing to go or anyone with a hotel tip please pm me and then we can get on with sorting out the arrangements

    its going to be a fab weekend and i cant wait, make sure u pack ur dancing shoes everyone xxxx and come on pm me xxx


    ooooooo i like newcastle :wink:


    deal me in when?


    It says the dates on the post rogue.


    oh right it does sorry yeh,but i cant pm like jewel asked us,until somebody pms me first?


    *have booked my room with jewel so hands of guys* (and girls shes all mine ) :wink:


    Well… if Pols is going :wink: :wink:


    u wanna be my chaperone seagull ? :wink:


    poliiiiiiiiiiii ur gonna need one if u wanna share my room ya sexy minx lol xxxxxx


    @(f)politics? wrote:

    u wanna be my chaperone seagull ? :wink:

    I may lead you down the path of immorality!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 113 total)

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