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    DOAs information is clearly being put to good use and which is why he keeps binge buying shitty gadgets he doesn’t need. Using them a single time and then bunging them in his bursting at the edges ‘gadget’ cupboard.




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    It will mostly be used for is for targeting adverts, like all data is. I dont feel like explaining it so I will let someone else.

    E.G. Anonymous medical data says that someone who is 50-60 years old had X operation on Y date. Your bank knows how old you are, and that you paid hospital car parking charges on Y date, and bought painkillers afterwards.

    Now they know which medical records are yours even if all of your personal data is removed. It’s very easy to do this even with things that seem unrelated when you have access to a large enough set of data about someone.

    The bank can now add your medical records to their own database, and use it to decide they they dont want to give you a mortgage because you are too much of a risk because of medical issues.

    They can now also sell this new data to other companies, because its valuable so why not?

    Not that anyone cares.


    I’m not sure wot world Dra’s is living in… its not the same as mine  :scratch:

    But I’m going to work thru this idea or tried too  :good:

    After Ge cooks his new mars bar curry recipe with lentils for me… I end up in A&E.  They pump me out then send me home. Will an add pop up in the middle of news at 10 for Ganges Indian restaurants just for me?…. no.

    Advertising is more general.  Even mail shots require 250k letters  just to get 1000 or less customers.

    Useful information for advertising company’s would be….

    How many people saw a doctor due to a minor cut and when?  If your selling plasters that would be good to know.

    How many people had a sports injury and when? If you’re selling sports equipment that’s useful cos you can tell when there being used and who by.

    Or maybe how many people had fillings last year?  If you’re selling toothpaste and brushes that’s useful.

    But the idea of a target add for bunions with your name on it popping up in the middle of babe station is nonsense.  No one in there right mind is going to spend 5k on advertising to sell you a personal tube of  £3.99 bunion cream with your name on it.

    Remember advertising needs to make up 0.0001 % of the base product cost or its just not worth the effort.






    I’m not sure wot world Dra’s is living in… its not the same as mine :scratch:

    The real one?

    Datamining is a huge industry, several of the largest companies in the world deal almost exclusively in it.

    Google being the most famous example, every product and service they have ever created runs at a loss. they only exist to collect data about people that they can sell.

Viewing 4 posts - 11 through 14 (of 14 total)

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