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    it’s gone dead again no one is slagging anyone off… :shock:


    Be thankful for small mercies ! :lol:


    yegets it has gone quiet ,but i think thats down to two things,i,we have all been enjoying trapps pics and 2,a a certain female member has been banned,and quite rightly so imo
    theres slag offs,banter and then theres moon this woman takes it to the nth degree
    lets not forhershershget the women who she attacks for no reason are mothers in some ioningcases grandmothers,they surely dont need to read her venemous diatribe
    and she is a mother herself.
    now i take no great delight in seeing somebody banned its not nice(its happened to me)
    i used to think like everybody else when being banned the host is a [email protected] all guides are barstards etc,but i learned to reevaluate myself and realised it cant just be a me and them thing so its time to take a look at myself and stop apportihe boardsheoning blame on all and sundry

    so yes the boards are quiet,but chat isnt
    let me give you an example
    last night i didnt really feel like chatting just reading so i did what a lot of us do and went in as a different name so i wouldnt get any mither and have a peaceful night
    but no,there i am minding my own business nobody knows im in
    and im reading jadey moon and petite blond viciously putting me down behind my back
    so enough is enough and i came in as me,but that didnt stop them they just kept on abusing me now im no shrinking violet i could have had a go back,but that would make me as low as them,also while im on the subject of jadey a woman who should know far better,i mean shes got her own site hasnt she and a job yet shes msicalon jc 24?7
    the problem with jadey is apart from continually telling us about her latest squeeze she has moved in or singing songs that nobody else is listening to,is the whimsical notion is that shes universally popular,i dont think thats the case i think its more the fear factor,anybody else noticed if you stand up to her the foul swearing abuse that rages out of her its disgusting how can she eat out of that dirty mouth?

    so dont worry trapps the abuse is still alive and kicking its just moved down the road a bit thats all.


    shut the fùck up Trapper you cùnt.

    How was that? O:)


    Don’t take it personally Rogue, they cannot help it, they call people attention seekers, ugly, fat, snob, posh, liars, murderers even, pull it around……… its projection.
    some are so unhappy with their lives they need to hit out at others, to try to make others feel as bad as themselves. that way they don’t feel so bad. kind of……. Ha! ive upset someone now they know how it feels.

    some feel you owe them something, because of their sad lives, (erm, its a chatroom?)
    they need to turn it off, look in a mirror and get some fresh air.

    i was recently accused of being jealous, maybe because they were? but i don’t do jealous, if someone wants to chat to me fine, i’ll chat to anyone, i don’t know anyone personally, and don’t have the need to know about them, they only know snippets about me, not how my life is now only some of my past, but it keeps the gossips happy.
    which even then makes you realise just how sad they are huh?
    think ive been called everything under the bright blazing yellow thing in here and in chat, but……. they don’t know me. do i care? no, there’s an off button.
    do i care what names people use? nope, if people want to use different names no ones business except their own, and no one has the right to ask why. only thing is those who do it to “spy” (even made myself laugh then) to glean info on people to hit out at them. or to abuse others because oooooo its scary … cmon.. they need to grow up! most wont abuse unless a mate is in holding their hand or been rung or texted to give the latest. never felt the need to give my number to anyone. been called names for it, do i care? not a jot! its my number only people i want to have it will have it.
    for the record, im not a drunk nor bi polar, i have never commited murder or harmed anyone, i didnt marry my husband for his money i already had my own. not that its anyones business but. whatever floats their raft i guess. being widowed isnt easy. but you have little choice but to get on with life. and i intend to live mine to its fullest before i toddle off this mortal plain, and if anyone thinks anything they say in a chatroom can “hurt” me….. i pity them. i have an off button too!


    great post laine
    im changing my tag later to

    growing up is inevitable but growing up is optional

    or hurt people ,hurt people

    i havent decided yet

    on a brighter note my new comp is coming on saturday

    expect loads of pics,photo shopping,gifs etc

    i cant wait im like a little kid waiting for his dad to come out of the sweet shop.


    @irish_lucy wrote:

    shut the fùck up Trapper you cùnt.

    How was that? O:)

    Ya biatch lucy :lol:

    stfu maybe but the c word ……… noooooooooooooooo :shock:


    @irish_lucy wrote:

    shut the fùck up Trapper you cùnt.

    How was that? O:)

    :shock: :lol:

    I wonder who has been banned….. :-k


    @annette-curtain wrote:

    @irish_lucy wrote:

    shut the fùck up Trapper you cùnt.

    How was that? O:)

    :shock: :lol:

    I wonder who has been banned….. :-k

    As if by magic … she appears :lol:


    Yippeeeeeeee Arc! great to see you!

    will look forward to that rogue honey.

    ive been taking photos of my orchid collection im so proud of them and myself, bought as presents by grandkids, friends, etc they finished flowering beginning of this year, but all new flower spikes on them and even become an orchid grandma, my orchid had a baby :-) got so many flowers on them all im even amazed myself.

    must get to grips with making myself a tag. used to do them years ago havent in years so might have a go over the weekend before the madness of birthdays week starts monday.

    Claire………… just…….. well…… giggles. lol

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