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    Ahh.. so then I propose a quiz question for you as my team from other day still challenge me….

    How many States 50 or 52.??? U.s.a…….

    Hee hee….


    P.s. chathostUK

    My pic by the way not shown. My title, used for safety reasons, and 12-14 of us excluded from pics for same reason, their names not also displayed.

    Have a nice day…..


    Not really called Mizzy

    Not really all that lovely

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    Disagree. Look cute to me..

    the name well agree, user one… should change to the artist or poet….

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    not really me…

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    What? Trying something new and different?

    You heard expression, “Can’t teach old dog new tricks? Ahh, wife’s tale call it? (Think)

    Well me personally loves challenges some times, and as an instructor for the new tricks, never do I give up on hope and try..

    Not you, then we find you….work on it that way…

    Never, ever too old, remember what I said….change some times little harder..can slowly be done….

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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It really is. No one’s every thing to every one. That’s sheer vanity at the highest extreme. If that was the case then why is there a divided opinion on whether Tom Cruise is hunky or Brad Pitt? in my opinion, people see what they want to see about others or them selves or what they’re conditioned to see or what their environment has taught them. Society is conditioned to assume that beauty is all physical, it’s a very small part of the solution.

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    Personally, use this statement often..

    For me when use it, look at a quick glance make reply when some one negative on their personal looks/appearance. Disagreeing often as beauty can be color of eyes, hair, skin tone, smile, nose, lips when talk. But goes much deeper for me if in person, or corresponding and seeing picture. Beauty- of shared advice. Sensitivity, shared knowledge, common interest or desires. Laughing or enjoying same things. Good book, movie, music. Beauty is what I consider bond or connection feel with another individual that is clean/special, pure. Make sense?

    With Tom and Brad, my opinion is not word of looks good, but what most say “sex appeal”. Types of films do and so forth interest to sexually explore and ha, jump their bones. (Expression) more physically want/desire. Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Clooney, just thinking few off hand…big men, muscles, strength…in my opinion. But do know when these names come up in my circles not so much roles played as actors, but dreams/fantasy of SEX….

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    Not really a bow

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