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    Olympic flame carriers have been putting their prized torches on ebay!…one just hours after he took part in an historic relay…

    Andrew Bell was entrusted with the iconic emblem as it begn its journey across Brtiain and he has tried to cash in on his once in a lifetime honour by selling it.
    Andrew has been reported in saying that he understands some people may find the idea of selling the torch offensive but they really genuinly could do with the money…
    Andrew has said he doesn’t want to give a sob story but his wife has just had a baby and gone back to work and apart from anything else the metre long torch looks wierd on the mantlepiece!!

    When I first started reading this story I was horrified how he could do such a thing…but to be fair it’s his property to do as he pleases right?
    What do you guys think?


    There are 8000 Olympic torches – one for each runner as the flame is passed and not the actual torch itself.

    The runners are offered the opportunity to buy the torch ( think its around £220 ) for them to keep. Some companies who sponsor the games are buying them for their employees who were chosen to be part of the torch relay.

    Given that there will be a good proportion on sale over the next few months………

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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