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    Rip pats chat

    the shite hole has finally gone bust

    bailifs have been in and evicted every one



    How many days in mourning should we have to express our sorrow? Should i dig out my black gear and mantilla veil? PS who is Pat?  Will the now redundant chatters have a mass exodus to JC? Bites nails and worries :scratch:

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    Pats was this rough arsed bird from Rotherham

    not been seen for ages so probably she’s been groomed by the local take away owners

    some slimball who lives in Holland runs the place

    but allegedly he has hit hard times and can’t afford to pay for the place

    cosy will now be homeless

    and his moll beached baby aka Linda won’t have no where to flirt with him as he’s banned from here


    Says down for maintenence.  Has Fasty said its closing? IF it was,the message wouldn’t say back soon would it. Hope all is ok Fasty,

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    THIN.. I understand u have been on your back flat and in enormous amount of pain. You are as cruel here for pleasure as I have read you there!

    Not sure why you desire the need to inflict insults, make negative comments about a place not affiliated with this owner’s site. Plus I see comments made about others from here other there and I say exact same thing there. Why be so cruel has nothing to do with that site..

    As I understand, thought as well you perhaps a business man, some better character and have showed intelligence, why the sudden change in your behavior?

    I don’t appreciate your comments/opinions about my relationship with cosy! We truly are friends..and not in any relationship besides love and support of a dear friend communicating with another about all things in both our life. If you call a bond..connected also with another as considered flirting then I take back anything I ever thought of you being intelligent…you can join the rest of the ranks of the troll population with your rude remarks and kiss off!

    Have a nice day! :unsure:   :bye:



    P.s..moll again..lessons from hugs and winks.? W e talk on phone cosy and I…….lol lol lol.   :yahoo:


    dear linda

    sense of humour failure once again

    do you not see the irony talking about pats chat here whilst chastising me for mentioning it over here

    I’m at a miss to under stand what you mean about being on my back in pain ?

    a little history for you

    almost every one who has used pats chat comes from here

    tenuious link maybe but because of the link

    you felt the need for input

    bit  more irony from you there beached babe x




    How many days in mourning should we have to express our sorrow? Should i dig out my black gear and mantilla veil? PS who is Pat? Will the now redundant chatters have a mass exodus to JC? Bites nails and worries :scratch:


    I’ve had a look at that place a few times and gave up about a year or so ago.As thin said, it’s full of ex-JCers and JCers. Some of them all right. Others are Jack Reacher wannabes.

    But it is a place where the desire to humiliate people with scurrility and smear is without any restraint at all.

    Keep it. This place can get bad enough.





    I WOULD HAVE NOT responded here if number 1..could have took off at you at another place if my name was  not mentioned here on this thread. Number 2…site closed for maintenance repairs for few days..and three.. Most often do not PM people here to take out personal confrontation..Number 4..or try to mention it in a chatting time in f3.. unless mention while in.  However..your comment read..I did say to some one in f2 last nite how truly pist you have used my name here..and a low blow..

    You are full of doo doo when you state dry sense of humor/banter I misunderstand and don’t understand..You and Cosy also have long history together. It is also known by the many no love between the two of you.. you have run out of attack missiles to use on cosy..dry on attack strategy.. You have found me to throw in the plan to fuel up the engines. This may be banter for you as you against him..your comments about me..very negative.. call me you expect me to laugh? Using me as target practice! Grow up man..this is attack for your pleasure not mine..assume not his either..

    As for Pat’s Chat as I need not explain…will do as honest.. lol Cosy has asked me for a year.. Only been on since November and in very very little. As there are few here I enjoy..few from there I do as well… I also note some behavior from them as here, which very familiar..You attack cosy there as well. As I will give courtesy will not state openly what your uncover name at Pat’s had no right to disclose mine openly here as I not provided my permission to do so on a board post…use me here as well as there for banter..I not appreciate it..Thank you… :-(


    Oh and by the way THIN..enjoy this banter as well..and your trolls whom follow you from both sites…

    Today Pearl Harbor Day!

    Some of your u.k. waters my ship not sail..

    You are trying hard to sink flag raised loyalty to those here or there still remain strong… but sunset seems best for the horizon..

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