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    OUCH! 😕😯

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    At your age😂

    you probably have a fall of pie crusts when you have a period 🤔

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    I really didn’t know what they were until I was in my early-mid 20s.

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    Lolol when I was 15 in school, my friend heard this boy asking form  teacher after dinner break could he go home as he didnt feel well.  When the female form teacher said why what is wrong?  He answered “time of month miss”.

    LMAO he had heard girls asking this loloo. He obviously had no idea what it meant. Dopey sod.😂

    I think it may be the tangerine I had earlier.  It was passed its sell by date.  :-(   :scratch:

    Perchance wind. :unsure:

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    Yes, literally dopey.

    I was literally dopey in not having a clue.

    But how could I?

    It didn’t affect me, and it was a verboten subject, and not just in my family. I rmember a radio interview in which some Tory MP opposed to abortion argued that menstruation was god’s gift, and was actually “weeping” for the lost child. As I had no idea what menstruation was, much less why weeping should be involved, I found this interesting enough to remember but still incomprehensible.


    At my grammar school, we were literally given a choice between biology and history, and I chose history. The sight of other kids cutting up frogs was a serious turn-off for me.

    Any knowledge of sexual reproduction would have alerted me, and from about 12 or 13 I was very interested in finding out about ‘the facts of life’. But the dark and evil (though fun) stirrings inside me led me to a biology book in which sexual relations were explained in terms of a series of diagrams in which X’s were on one side and Y’s on the other. I found out that sex was when the X’s and the Y’s met in the middle. This left me deeply confused.

    Despite this, I was sure that girls looked different from boys ‘down there’, and was eventually led to reading the dirty bits in Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley, which had just been published after a long legal battle against it for obscenity. The trouble was that after reading it, it sounded more fun but I still had no clue as to how girls bits differed from boys bits.  pornography was passed around the Upper Sixth Common room, but I refused to look at this. For various reasons, the difference remained unknown until I was 23 :cry:   :cry:   :cry:

    They are different, though, right? :scratch:



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    No need to be cruel.

    In my family you dont go through the change until well into your 50s.

    its no excuse for belittling a woman and making them feel bad.

    In fact my own sister is currently being forced to go through menopause medically cos shes 54 and her body just wont stop releasing eggs. Her fertility and her not getting pregnant and not going through the menopause is apparently dangerous to her health?

    why is it dangerous to be fertile and be able to get pregnant if your body can allow it to happen?

    surely your body knows?

    why is she being told that she should not be so fertile at 54? why is that such a crime if its what nature is saying is ok?

    she has gone through all the tests and fertility and she is 54 and she is fertile and can have more kids and her eggs are fine, they tested her eggs!!! do NOT believe all this crap about being over 40 and NEVER getting pregnant – internet lies.


    Are you serious Geoff?!

    Is all that true?  Wow!

    That’s a grammar school education for you! Was it Catholic by any chance?

    Jees I am just amazed that more posh girls do not get knocked up.

    I found out in the school playground when I was nine.  I was quite shocked.  I remember thinking how odd it sounded.  I spent the rest of that term remembering to keep my knees together every time the boy opposite dropped his pencil and had crawl under the desks.

    We has sex education aged 14 / 15 in high school.  Mixed classes with rubber bits being passed around.  Soooo embarrassing.

    So the teaching of lgbt to primary school kids is long overdue.

    Lock up the homophobic protestors.

    In Sweden sex eduaction has been taught in primary schools for decades.

    A friend of mine in high school did a student swap in Sweden when she was 15. She came back and said the girls in PE, simulated child birth as part of the lesson.

    Sweden has almost no unwanted/ unplanned  teenage pregnancies.  The UK still has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in western Europe.

    What a fkd up country we are. :-(

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    they are forcing her  to have hormone injections into her stomach saying you should not be fertile and not going through the change at 54 they have made her conform and grow old making her go through the change cos shes 54 and should be?

    she should be going through the change now at her age?

    and if she doesnt she is at risk of further risk of cancer

    The medical profession say us women should not be fertile over the age of 50 yet so many of us are.

    so my sister is 54 and fertile and could have a child but the medical profession are pushing the change on her when the hormone tests say shes not even going through the change?

    dont trust doctors

    shes 54 and fertile and her hormones tests show she is NOT going through the change

    not everyone is the same


    Who is forcing her fgs?  The nhs?

    It is her body.  This is not Gilead.  She should tell them to fk off!

    A few years ago I had to have an op.  The surgeon prescribed 2 injections of GNRH, in the run up to the op.  One 8 weeks before.  One 4 weeks.

    GNRH is like a temp menopause.   All I know is it drove me insane!

    When I was due second one at a 4 week pre op i said to nurse NO I am not having it!

    2 nurses looked terrified lolo. They told me straight “surgeons do not THINK they are gods they ARE gods!”.

    They had to go and ask the surgeon permission to  NOT give me a second injection, which I the patient was refusing!

    They debated who was going to approach him lol.   The terrified nurse came back and said he said ok but would rather you had the second lot of GNRH.  I did not have it.


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    I’m glad we’re chatting a bit more socially, Badder, and yes, surgeons regard themselves as Gods. I lost my temper with a couple, and they do not lie it. I had to be reminded that they know how to leave a needle inside you after an op so that it hurts!

    Dangermousey, that is awful. Menopause must be a terrible time for a woman, and to pressure a woman like that is intolerable..

    There is the ‘male menopause’, but something tells me it’s not quite the same thing.

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