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    Can we have a pinocchio emoji as the number of people telling lies in chatroom is now out of control and we need 1 to show them up as lying

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    I call Morg Pinocchio.  His nose is so long he fell on his face in back garden and is currently stick in the mud flailing about trying to remove himself.





    good idea but there would have to be several different lengths of noses so you can choose which one to pick


    I reckon a  emoji for telling the truth would be more valuable. And less used.


    Paige you lie enough to be a politician for the honest party.

    You have more bullies than Jim Bowen and yet you to continue haunt those you dont understand. Roughly anybody who has a clue or an opinion you disagree on.

    Maybe you can vote on Pino big nose to be leader of your hate campaign on intelligence. Until then, in your OWN LINGO.   Vote TM!


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    the prob is how wud one know who is lying, as someone cud use the emoji in relation to another chatter, who is not lying, u cud have a sistuation where trolls miss use the emoji to chatters who have not lied, then dumb people wud blv the trolls not the person who has been said they are lying when they have not, actully that happens anyway, people just blv chatters what they say what obv shows stupity, actually one person on my list thought i talked bs about them when they was not logged in, as supposlys someone told them what i supposly said, so someone either stired to them, or they blv to easyly what means they are dumb, anyway that is what happend, then they was a bad person to me, then i add them on my list, anyway the emojis what should be here, is the puke one and what about a stoned one, there was a puke one, but martin abolished it, maybe he thought, “not a lot of people get drunk and puke so it is pointless having that emoji now,” hmm who knows, all i know is many chat rooms have mental prob, bad personalty, alc prob, drug prob, in them.


    Well a liar would probably lie or bluff you? Then your in a circles of lies and truth and double bluffs. Before you know it you got more bluffs than you need. I`ll come back to your post later I am being honest I need a few mins to decode it into sense.

    I like you JN so you have my time. You owe me a choon!



    why do u keep asking me for a bloody tune lol, also why are u also loggin in as a guest when u just comment here so u obv not banned again? RUTH


    Can you play the B side? My forums work my chatroom doesn`t!! I have a special case!!!



    was in in a special  needs school like me then? no i dont think so sadly u not special enough like i am, i am so special……


    To be honest……i’ve never denied it….that paigey is some thing special.Keep yer eyes and ears on her in the future.

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