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    Rose’s are red, violets are blue my heart is with some one else whom better than u, and never will I contemplate access with u. Lol lol.

    My love is for no other like my unwanted brother,

    Never wanted anyone just you not another.

    For your elegance and such grace,

    Time to get drunk and off my face

    Love You Linda



    Rose’s are red, violets are blue my heart is with some one else whom better than u, and never will I contemplate access with u. Lol lol.

    My love is for no other like my unwanted brother,

    Never wanted anyone just you not another.

    For your elegance and such grace,

    Time to get drunk and off my face

    Love You Linda

    You don’t know what Love is


    So to love you must learn to be alone.
    You’ll be the man of the house in his leave. You’ll take out the trash. You’ll fix things, you’ll cook, you’ll clean. This will be necessary. When he’s on the road, you will attend soccer games, run school drop-offs and pick-ups, read bedtime stories and do nighttime tuck-ins alone.

    You won’t stop from the moment you wake up to the moment you sleep. You’ll wonder how much you are capable of handling, then realize it doesn’t matter much because these things have to be done. This is what it takes to love —these are the ways you support a dream.

    You’ll hoard moments to share. You’ll be prepared when you receive that quick-phone call; but when the moment comes, you’ll feel rushed and silly and ill-equipped to make him understand that life at home is wonderful, but he is conspicuously absent. You’ll choose words delicately—he needs to know he’s missed without arousing guilt. You’ll stumble a bit when you follow his tour narratives with domestic odds and ends that feel small and unimportant in comparison.

    But you’ll understand over time: there is no such thing as unimportant. Tour will exhaust him and he’ll forget what normal feels like. You are his normal, and he needs to be reminded of you.

    After a few dozen farewells, you’ll begin to appreciate it more: the quiet, the freedom to watch as many old movies as you and your cat can stay awake for. You’ll use sleepless hours to write and sip tea and think about the future you’re making withe your lover.

    When your eyelids grow heavy in the earliest hours of the morning, you’ll button up the house—checking and double checking that you and your children are safe for this night. You’ll retire to a big, empty bed with cool sheets. You’ll sleep a little closer to his side. You’ll imagine crawling into his shirt pocket and you’ll button yourself up, close to his heart.

    Your own heart will unfold like truth while you dream; she’ll speak to the stars on your behalf, asking them to erase the miles between you.

    And when he returns home from the road, you’ll follow him around the house like you haven’t seen him in years. Like you’re sure that at any moment he might disappear before your eyes. You’ll appreciate all over again what the house feels like when it’s infused with his music. You’ll notice details: the way he stands, the way he positions his body while he cooks—always weighted a little more to the left. You’ll notice the way he smiles when he talks about band pranks, great rooms and memorable fans.

    It means late nights—impossibly late nights.

    But when he’s home, late nights mean hours of laughter—to the point of tears—and intense conversation. You’ll solve problems big and small. You’ll talk about your kids, about human nature, about culture and science. You’ll make connections between his knowledge of music and your knowledge of literature. You’ll talk about his career—you’ll know his thoughts and options so intimately, you’ll treasure them as your own.

    You’ll know not to base successful nights on money-earned, but on attendance, reception, on how the room felt. Because it is the craft that matters. Hone the craft and the rest will follow. You must trust the process—more fervently than even him.
    Love  and love the unpredictable, the chaotic and the untraditional.
    Loving means loving his work, even when it’s inconvenient, even when it isn’t lucrative, even when it seems crazy, illogical, impractical. Understand that without the art he is not whole. Abandoning the craft would be abandoning a very piece of himself—the most honest piece he has.

    Offering your heart to this man means knowing that the 30 minutes of practice, the 15 minutes of Youtube research, the not-talking during the four-minute song he chose for the car ride, these minutes matter.

    They’re the meditation, the grounding, the breath required to sustain a healthy sense of connection.

    Time changes; you must accept open-ended timelines and an inability to commit to long-off engagements. Appointment times, lunch times, meet-for-coffee times are soft suggestions when you’re running on loves time.

    Love doesn’t necessarily translate to traditions like marriage and honeymoons, because ‘tradition’ will take second seat to exploration and expansion. If this isn’t a deal-breaker, you’ll have a wild, beautiful, intense romance with your music man. You’ll celebrate each other without ceremony (again and again and again).

    You’ll experience passion and spontaneity alongside depression and heavy contemplation. The art will abuse you as it abuses him, but then he’ll be rewarded  with a breakthrough of any degree and you’ll both forget that anything was difficult.


    To love , you must share him. You must share him with the brothers he call bandmates. These brothers are undeniable family—family that loves, family that bickers—and you’ll take comfort that they’re on the road together.

    You must share your lover with total strangers too. This can be difficult, but hold it in your heart that he returns to this home, always. And the time you invested in having the space he returns to tidy won’t go unnoticed. When he drops his travel bags to the floor for the cat to investigate, when he removes his shoes with animated grunts and sits on the couch you’ve watched a million movies together on, he’ll sigh deep from his belly and you’ll know he has been waiting for this moment since the minute he left.
    He’ll be home and you’ll smile and laugh and kiss that kind of over-the-moon, I-can’t-get-enough-of-your-taste kind of kiss. You’ll laugh and say, that was crazy, right?
    But you made it. This life is crazy, but you’d hate to know crazy with anyone but him, even on the worst days. Because he makes your crazy seem less crazy—somehow tolerable, or normal, or incredible. And you’ll look in his eyes and say, I love your crazy and miss it when you’re gone.

    He’s here and you both made it. Just like you made the last run work, the last few years, the growing pains, the sadness, the tired days and nights. Just like you made it through the band changes, the band break-ups, the sacrifices required for success.

    And when he plays close to your home, it will be essential to get out to see him. This might seem silly, as it’s part of the reason you fell in love with him after all. As years pass, you’ll accept that you can’t make it to every show, and you’ll grow comfortable in your routine. You must make the effort; you must always make the effort to go out and see the magic—the gold he spins from simple wool.

    While you watch, you’ll fall in love again. You’ll feel so much pride that your rib cage will splinter trying to contain it.

    You’ll be so in love with him that you’ll hardly be able to wait to get him home that night, where you’ll stop sharing and selfishly devour him instead.

    After the load-out is complete, and you make the sleepy drive home, you’ll realize you aren’t so worried about sex after all. All that matters is that this man, your man, is lying next to you.

    The man that crowd watched is home safe and he’s drifting as you drift to that heart space between waking hours.

    The next morning, you’ll go about your day. You’ll sip coffee and write a little. You’ll listen for the sound of his footsteps on your bedroom floor, but they won’t come. Loving  means falling in love with morning hours because those will be yours—for a love will chase sleep as fiercely as he chases success. He won’t know it, but you’ll watch him sleep. You’ll smile as he turns over and you’ll listen to the cadence in his breath.

    In his lifetime, there will be good shows and there will be bad shows. Just like you’ll have happy-lover days and bad-lover days. So long as you remember that you love each other, so long as you remind him that he loves to play, all will be right in due time.

    You’ll find excitement like you’ve never known and frustration like you’ve never felt.

    You will experience life in neon.

    You’ll hate everything about this life, only to contradict yourself a moment later with crippling gratitude because you’re so in love with this man and the life he’s brought with him.

    When you love him, impossibilities and all, you are an unsung hero. You will not be cheered on by the throngs of fans, but you and he will know how you salvaged his career, just by being there. And when foundations crumble, you will save him again. And when spirits wane, you will save him again.

    You are the clean-up crew, the architect, the engineer, the muse.

    You are the partners love, is  sometimes-preposterous feat.

    You will—through loving him—know an unshakeable love.

    And on the good days, your happiness will permeate the darkest crevices of this insane life. Your ability to celebrate one another will explode any doubt you’ve ever had and you’ll dance together as the smithereens fall around you like confetti.

    This is love, you will exclaim to the world—and anyone who looks in on you will know it is so.

    Yeah Sure Guarding Anal :yahoo:


    Men cant cook ….just putting it out there :good:

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    So wow. Where u copy this off from.

    As much you say may be written by some one else, you. One thing you fail to say or not..and I not copy any where or take from some one else…

    IS THIS..

    NO relationship of any kind has all peaches and cream or smells like flowers in a sweet garden.. so true that life brings together commitment, dedication and reality that other things may change routines, upset life style or provide compromises in which both have to work at to make it successful if it to work. But you fail to put in these also include sacrifices to make it work if it sincere, honest and you want it bad enough.. that is what binds a true relationship. Two people committed to try to make it work. Not one sided which one sits idly by and watch it falls apart underneath you not being honest, make changes and keep the goal or game plan together..

    I have been there, done that in things you described above. I was abused mentally, physically by an individual who cared for nothing of himself..taking my beliefs down hard, lonely ..depressed, unwanted. Sacrifices I made. Things I did to survive. But still hope.and when that fizzed out..learned to just live and survive. Packed the rest up in me..put it in a box.tossed it away. Thought next life time..this was done for me…no more.


    But I survived..I know what love is, was, and what necessary. ..

    So tell your biatch guardian  angel back she does not know my pain or others in whom she makes fun of. Speak for herself. I will never go her way of thinking, living or behaving. Revenge not my thing. I live each day..survive best way. Love or not we all have a ticket eventually pulled. When I go, simply I tried..

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    Janeylou lol. Ahh most tell u boil water is cooking hee. Or microwave…

    When they sick…babies too..

    When they dont get what they want they pout too…

    AND God forgive me..they get that time of the month toooooo! Haaaaaaa


    Men cant cook ….just putting it out there :good:

    Here is the list of Top 10 Best Chefs in the World:

    10. Anthony Bourdain

    anthony Bourdain

    So to start with the city that serves the most number of international cuisines in the World, Brasserie Les Halles in New York has a blessing as their executive chef in the form of Anthony Bourdain. This American man is not only a chef but also a writer of fiction and non-fiction. Alright so I can say only creative people make good chefs. How I wish ‘all creative people made good chefs and I was creative too.’ Bourdain started 2 decades back as a dishwasher and his progress to be a line cook, a sous chef and finally a chef was gradual. The writer of the book “Kitchen confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly”, this man has a passion for food. From hosting cookery shows to having his own blog- he’s explored every milestone food might ever reach and so he is one of the best in the world.

    9. Heston Blumenthal


    Heston Marc Blumenthal, the English chef has to his credit the advocacy of importance of scientific understanding in cooking. Quite some efforts were required for his to establish his presence as a celebrity chef and owner of several restaurants. The Fat Duck is one of his most famous restaurants which earned him not just 3 Michelin stars (Just? They can never be JUST 3 Michelin stars) but also was voted as one of the best in  the World’s 50 best restaurants in 2006. If for nothing else, he deserves to be applauded for his theory of Multi-Sensory Cooking, perhaps the only chef on the list who is as passionate about theory of cooking as he is for food.

    8. Julia Child

    They say women cook better, the list defied the myth till Julia Child happened. This dynamic lady was responsible for introducing American audiences to French cuisine with her outstanding work in the form of her book “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” and her subsequent television show “The French Chef”. At a time when chefs were little known and diners were more popular than fine dine places, she built a position of her own as an American Chef who pleased the taste-buds of people till her death in 2004. Perhaps the only chef who never associated her passion and love for cooking to commercial aspects alone. This lady sure was a revolution in the history of French cuisine in America.

    7. Thomas Keller


    Who said nothing comes to you naturally? Cooking delicious sumptuous dishes did to him. This restaurateur and American chef has no formal training in cooking and it was experience that was his best teacher. He is the owner of the French Laundry in Napa Valley and has received the award for the ‘Best Californian Chef’ in 1997 for his exemplary work as a chef. Having been awarded a three star rating for his restaurants Per se and French Laundry in the inaugural Michelin guide for New York, he has only grown to please the taste buds more with every year. You might want to lay your hands on one of his cookbooks. Don’t you?

    6. Charlie Trotter


    Majors in Political Science can make good chefs too, in fact one of the best in the world. Don’t believe me? The founder of the cooking show ‘The Masterchef’, restaurateur, chef and author – Charlie Trotter defied conventions when he discovered his passion for food. Ever since there was no looking back. With 14 cook books and 3 management books he is one of the most celebrated authors who are chefs. Associated with Charlie Trotter Culinary Education Organization, this man believes that food is not passion, it is love- and everyone deserves some of it. No wonder he was awarded the Humanitarian of the Year by IACP in 2005.

    5. Emeril Lagasse


    A French- Portuguese- American Restaurateur with many restaurants in the U.S., Emeril Lagasse has world influence not just in his bloodline but also his cuisine. This multitasked has been a recipient of the James Beard award and is best celebrated for his Creole and Cajun Cooking style. And who said chefs aren’t well paid. Emeril Lagasse’s food earns approximately $150 million a year. That is huge but chefs still don’t earn. Do they?

    4. Paul Bucose


    If in France, eat like the French and you’d never want to eat otherwise ever again. And if you had the chance to eat the preparation of The Father of Culinary Art in France- Paul Bucose, you’d rather not eat any other French preparation again only to savour the taste imparted to the delicacies by the legend. An ambassador of French Cuisine, he was one of the most popular names associated with Nouvelle Cuisine. He was not just the king of culinary but also a king maker of sorts for he trained his students to become top chefs around the world. With the Chef of the Century and Leadership awards adorning his name, this legend will best be remembered by the food he served and the taste buds that savour the taste till date.

    3. Wolfgang Puck


    This Austrian Chef likes to play it mystical and thus you can’t really be sure of which cuisine are you eating by the taste of it. Wolfgang Puck evolved how American Cooking happened by incorporating elements of French, Asian and Californian techniques and also other high quality ingredients from cuisines around the world. Trained from childhood by cooking with his mother, Wolfgang Puck grew to be regarded as the chef who earnt the most in the world. Envious much? Me too. But work as hard as him, be a cookbook writer, restaurateur, businessman and get your restaurant featured as one of the top 40 in the U.S , you’d earn that much too. He was awarded the official caterers for Academy Awards Governor Ball too. Just saying.

    2. Marco Pierre White


    This British Celebrity Chef has carved his position as the Godfather of Modern Cuisine by making extensive contribution to contemporary International Cuisine. Also the first celebrity chef, White has made a mark by being the youngest to have received 3 Michelin stars by the time he was 33. You know what sets him apart? He believed that sharing is how you gain and thus he trained the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Curtis Stone who commend him for his temperament. Some admiration there, if only his cuisines had been more accessible. Never mind!


    Yes janeylou you’ve guessed it, the worlds number one chef is male yup me, actions speak louder than words so ” Come Dine With Me ”

    ps… a have 43 michelin stars :rose:




    Only 43… :whistle:


    Lol. And on that note…

    Finished with the boards. This is all garbage.  Tired of the fake stuff..

    Adios ambassador.. keep on rolling..

    Games done me in…

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