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    For all those at JC I met in chatting thru jest you have been so cool, I am no fool…Thank you too, and hooray as you all so very cool….

    Milky so sweet, he is my treat, with him it feels so very neat. We laugh and play, serious too, you know he really is cool, and no fool….
    So here is love wishes, send you much kisses, see ya soon and have a good afternoon…….

    SCEP a friend who really a gem and he will be true so never do I boo hoo..
    Do not underestimate this man, he really superman..and that is grand..
    So enjoy your day with hugs and good wishes and see ya later in moves through the Bishop?

    MR. PAT…who holds his fish knows, he is the most, and all us girls cheer him with a good enjoy your day Pat with my fish, cause soon I will catch it and you will miss…even that kiss… we hide and fish fish fish…..

    LOVE to all

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    Oops forgot one…

    Cosy is good as any other fellow, even if some think he not mellow, rather more yellow..

    He bellows and barks may shout out most, as he will not be treated like burnt rye toast.

    So here is love and good wishes too, as you missed and need good kisses…as WHO else you wish it…who does those good kisses…

    Milky will not mind as he is very kind, and we three a unique line…and equally kind to all man kind…

    Miss ya.

    Haaa, sugar boots…..


    I show my Superman powers…
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    Oh scep, I so loved that old movie…made me cry too!

    Beautiful. Thank you..was special.

    Xxxx Linda


    P.s. scep..

    I watched Wuthering Heights yesterday. Cried like a baby too! Classic black and white. Original.

    Guess needed to clean out tear ducts…full…..



    Linda long winded and storming like a true Linda.

    Happy APRES to any1 who gets a card without needing a cluey like Linda.


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    Happy Easter, Happy April Fools day, Happy Mothers day, Happy Fathers day, Happy Christmas and Happy New Year. Thought I would get these in early. But will wait until February 15th to say Happy Post Valentines day.

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    Happy Valentine’s you sweety you. My loyal fan.




    Hugs and Winks…

    Ah you too my sweety pie. Thoughtful to remind me of up coming festive days….not sure what I do with out your loving help.

    I love you so Too!

    Happy Valentine’s Day…

    Throws extra big hugs and kisses……

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    A beautiful melody no doubt about it.  And for it to be the theme of love the best feeling we may have, is indeed Great.  Very well composed and performed.   One of those melodies that are timeless.
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