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    COMPETENCY test ???


    Linda it was a COGNITIVE test….for DEMENTIA….and now we know that trump can recognise a drawing of an elephant.

    Linda don’t you think it would make for better telly if Biden and trump did a bike race?

    10 laps around the White House should do it and if trump can’t ride a bike (no surprise there) then he could go in his golf cart. Biden would still thrash him.


    Linda! who was president back then Bush?  Biden was the people’s choice, so he was elected. He has only been there one year.Wait until he has four years in. He also had terrible deaths in his family, wife, and two girls died in car accident.  Then he lost his son to cancer, that is why he did not run the last time.  so back up on from Biden. He is my President!    Age has nothing to do with his position. He has earn his position.   LS



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    …at last a voice of reason.




    Alfie always was politically illiterate and is obviously more interested in winding up our cousins from over the pond and is just not capable of analyzing a political situation objectively and especially American politics a subject in which he is ignorant.

    Biden is a fucking menace and who has been individually responsible for some of the most draconian legislation in the USA’s history, the legacy still felt to this day.

    Age is no barrier and nor should it be but the problem is that gropey Joe Biden is clearly in the early stages of age-related neurodegenerative disease and who has to be babysat 24 hours a day until such a time Kamala D. Harris can be sworn in.

    The world is not a safer place because Biden is the American President and Trump is not.

    The pictures of Biden constantly checking his watch while dead American soldiers were returned home are some of the most disgraceful images to emerge from the USA in recent times and not only personally shame him they shame the position he holds.

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    Oh Lupe Lupe my friend..YOU voted for him, not me! So yup he your Presidential decision, not mine….

    We all have personal issues that have impacted our life, becoming President of the mighty U.s.A. you take on issues for all the American people regardless of your private life and problems u had. Our so called leader.

    Far as his age I have no problem. However while speaking to our Country and representing U.s.a. with other Countries..he is weak and a disgrace. Makes no sense or has any clue. Can’t remember day of week or where is.

    September 11th NO NEW YORKER wanted him there at site. I know many who went. News did not cover it much. Yes lupe, they boo him and told him to leave. Backs were turned on him. Watch any college football games lately? All chants f…..Biden.

    Lupe we have fun times together and laugh. We shop, eat and site see, gamble and more.  Fun…

    BUT we never discuss politics. Lol lol lol. Shop at my favorite place and look for more fun bargains.

    When you said he your President! I merely agreed. Lol

    We need my peach marquerita and filet mignon.




    Oh dear, It looks like gerry boi has fallen out of his cot again. Can someone find his dummy and stick it back in his mouth  please.


    25 ways to calm a crying baby


    Warhol if I may..u really are a dick!

    Every American watched this sad entry of our fallen soliders. AND Biden did that frequently. So I thank Ge for showing that.

    You always try to control Politics here and enjoy pleasure promoting your views, rest wrong. Stick to ur own politics.




    ..but Linda. UK politics is boring. We have a stable government that believe it or not isn’t constituted by a single document and therefore allows us to be a bit more flexible in bringing in new laws. We have elections that the vast majority of the electorate seem to trust. While we have many parties in our political system, there are only 2, the conservative and the labour parties who have ruled the roost over the last few decades and the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the the Unionists do their thing in Scotland, Wales and Northern Island.  We don’t have the partisan fervour in this country that you seem to have in the USA that appears to drive everything you do.

    Now, across the pond, you have a well thumbed single constitution that, may I say, was written hundreds of years ago and is in most part irrelevant for the 21st century, The problem is, you can’t change it. When we had a particular vile school shooting in 1996, gun ownership restrictions changed almost overnight such that we now have one of the lowest gun violence rates in the western world. Your second amendment (militia, guns, etc etc) is enshrined not only in your law but it is part of your culture. As I said in my ‘message to Puds’  Guns and gun violence IS your culture and the crazy thing is that you can’t change it.


    That’s why I get so much fascination from your politics Linda, watching the left and the right in a massive tug of war while your REAL enemies, Russia and China pour in the black roubles and yen to keep your internal war going.

    If you don’t mind, i prefer my brand of freedom to yours.

    As to your future, well, if the GOP continues to see the fat golfer from Mar a Largo as their leader, I rather think that the clever leftists are lining up all the civil and criminal cases against trump to have an effect that will kill the republican campaign for your midterms and follow through to 2024. Not only is your left at war with your right, but your republican party is tearing itself apart.

    It is soooooo sooooooo entertaining to watch. I hope you don’t mind if I do.




    Oh dear, It looks like gerry boi has fallen out of his cot again. Can someone find his dummy and stick it back in his mouth please.

    25 ways to calm a crying baby

    He would prefer it up his arse

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