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    thanks somer some brilliant floats and looks like a good night was had



    thanks somer some brilliant floats and looks like a good night was had

    There was about a 2hrs delay last night as one of the carts broke down.

    And one of the favs generators packed up bringing them in in 11th place!!!



    Would love to go.  Thanks for info.

    Hope you well. Many of us miss you. X


    im good thanks , and thanks i will try and pop in room sometime but it was empty last time i looked in


    lol Angel Hi

    Great idea of a topic btw.  Very useful :good:

    Wouldn’t be taking any kids I know near this creepy looking guy and his freaky oversized Donnie Darko-esque bunny though  LMAO :wacko:

    On a more serious  note >>>>  LIKE Wigan needs any promoting! It’s got it going on man!  The land of the pie :good:   :yahoo:

    Mesnes Park Wigan (below, 5 mins walk from town centre Wigan), had a refurb few years back

    @ using MY council tax money FFS!

    Image result for vietnam waterfall

    Wigan BRAND NEW bus station is just behind that middle hill. ;-)   :yahoo:   :yahoo:



    Magpie Café!

    My grandpa along with my grandma visited this plaice.
    Around 40 miles from me, but I must promote the oysters.
    Lindisfarne Oysters Our high Quality Pacific Oysters grown on the Seashore within the Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve at the Site of the Oyster Beds established by the Monks of Lindisfarne Priory.
    On Ice with Lemon and Tabasco……….1 — 1.75 ……6 for 9.99……..12 for 19.00 Grilled with Garlic Butter and a little Chopped Scally Onion …6 for 10.99….12 for 20.99.
    Splash out as you’re at the seaside with a bottle of Fiano Carlamagno, Compliments the oysters like a lost sole.
    Fiano, Carlomagno, Puglia, Italy 175ml Glass £4.95 250ml Glass £6.95 Half Litre Carafe £13.75 Bottle £19.95 A beautiful wine from this lesser know grape variety. Fruity on the nose, with exotic fruit such as melon and banana, featuring hints of citrus reminiscent of grapefruit.
    Trust me this dining experience will be like a dream.
Viewing 8 posts - 111 through 118 (of 118 total)

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