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    and give it a brief description

    this started as an accident when i was asked have i ever seen tar wars well im sure she said that

    so i said whats it about pikeys feuding over driveways

    anyway it got me going so heres a couple ive thought off to get you started


    saving private yan

    a vietnamese soldier goes in search of his 3 brothers

    elephant ma

    heart breaking story about a mummy elephant looking for her missing baby

    car face a harrowing tale about a gangster born with a face that looks like a mini metro


    i try and think of some more seeing as ive got fck all todo all day

    gets me dvds out

    but in the meantime id like to see some of yours






    no tracys were hurt in this thread


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    The Odfather

    The sad story about a  kid who hated his dad picking him up from school because he was very odd to say the least..

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    Schindler’s Lis

    The heartbreaking story of one mans  trials and tribulations on trying to conquer his lisp

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    my babys on it

    no thats not a film

    im on about you kenty

    i  love you very much xxx


    aging Bull

    The tear-jerking story of one little girl trying to save an ageing bull from being put down

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    lol you got me at it now


    aint your wagon

    two middle aged cowboys arguing over a horse drawn buggy.

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    Comedy about 2 brothers and their colourful rain macks going around the country logging and spotting the rain



    A Clockwork range

    Documentary about a 1930s range hosted by Fiona Bruce


    rain ma

    a 30 yr old autistic man

    oh btw no offence to autistics im one myself(i see what isee)

    but ok im taking the rip out of myself wgaf

    so yeh

    me “looks like rain ma”

    mother fckn goose “what you keep looking out the window for?

    me ” just checking out if that big breasted woman  on bbc1 early doors is telling lies”

    big bad momma “fck off you dont even know her name”

    me splutters “i do cathy carol or summat”

    her whos not had a bath for  years “you fckn perv fancying a woman off the telly”

    me “oh stfu mam  cant you see im busy here doing threads”

    fat fck”threads my arsse yer a dik and im ashamed to call you my son”


    anyway sorry about the long description to rain ma but she gets on my threps







    no mothers were hurt in this thread






    well not yet anyway.)


    mid night ow boy

    jon voight forgets the lube











    no doas were hurt in this thread

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