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    So i’m watching this movie late on Saturday night with the sound plugged into my music system and this is awesome in clarity.Action all the way but you know some how, Milla is never really in danger. nearly turned into Lord of the Rings with the dragon thing  but remained on track for a brilliant start, middle and end with plenty of interesting twists….like most movies today, after the special effects and wages, the quality normally goes down hill but this episode is surprising….one can tell a budget by the time the film allows…too much crammed into too short a time.

    Ok there will be a spin off series at some point….and plenty of hype….thing i like most about this final film or movie is that we find out who Alice is….Alice has a memory and she tries to tease us with the end where she still has monsters to kick ass with….LOL

    Interesting thing about this movie is that the main actress is married to the producer, who directed Total Recall(original) Basic Instinct too name a few.

    I don’t think you’ll see any Oscars being given but you got some dynamite for the future ahead.

    Don’t know what it it is about Resident Evil but i’ve always been a fan of the games and the films…shame that the last in the series could have been the first…I thought Wesker died far too easily and so did Alexander….too much talk of clones again and finishing the series off.

    I mean..were supposed to feel sorry for characters who appeared in it for 5 minutes at most then got killed off?

    Any way..enough of my waffle…..i don’t cut the budget…i just chat….LOL

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