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    Come on people we all need to start using F2 again, everytime i logg in now no one is there and i end up finding myself in among the freaks of F1….. please start using F2 again so we can show the other forums ours is the best!!


    i think f2 is sadly gone it seems to be permantly quiet…….

    maybe we should have a agreed time all the old regulars agree to pop in ……..



    Would like to use F2 again. More sophisticated than F1 and less cliquey than F3. At least you could turn up, be friendly and get something other than abuse (well you got a bit of abuse as well!)



    Problem with f2 is that its very hard to break into, unless you have alot of mates in there (I dont mean people who you say hi to) it is hard to get into the conversation as they often talk about stuff only they know about and to be honest ive sat there a few times thinking wtf? It is realy cliquey, and if it wasn’t for the level of abuse I get off stapler and asian when he came in nobody would have known who i was lol Maybe this is what is making the room dead? Newbies come in and are put off with all the cliqueness. It’s no good just saying hi to the newcomer you have to try and engage them in the conversation.

    Now usually I hate trolls and stuff (well the really abusive ones anyways), but at least they go into the room and give the room a purpose and then alot can join in as they tell the troll to F off or use their real name etc.. ie a topic of conversation everybody can join in with.. even newbies… not to mention the steady flow it gives the room.
    But when you go in there and your talking to your mates about stuff most people and even some regs know nothing about.. its hard to join in. For example somebody was talking about somebody called bp and veg or something for like an hour.. that was the main topic and I didn’t have a clue who they were.. so how can you join in?

    I have been in JC for 7 months now and still dont feel like I’ve broken into f2 properly. This is why i love f1 (even if it is alittle immature) anybody is welcomed and it’s really easier to fit in as theres not usually one topic and believe it or not people are more willing to let somebody new in. Although F2 will always be the best forum to me as it is the first room i went into when I first came into JC. :D Which is why it’s such a shame it’s gone to the dogs.. :(


    Can’t necessarily argue with that Tiff.

    I’ve just had a jc holiday for several months and as a result haven’t really used F2 for over a year. My comments relate to the time before that when as a newbie I found it the easiest room to hang out in – as long as you were willing to actually make conversation (kinda the point of a chatroom I guess). Usually everyone in there chatted as opposed to sitting round watching. Sure you needed to persevere sometimes, but you were usually rewarded with a good laugh (as well as some of the most abusive and competitive quizzes in the known universe – it was all just a laugh – really?)

    Not sure how it has been in the last year and nowadays I don’t really see anyone in there when I pass by.



    couple of years ago or so i used to go in f2 a lot,mostly when i was barred from f3 which was also quite a lot :) and after a quiet first day or two i just slotted in and started to get to know them, it actually got to the point where i preferred f2,they were some funny regs on there i.e mad fooka(wheres she at now?) and a few others,f2 is/was basically like any other chat room if you dont try to fit in and dont post, why should people talk to you?
    i just kept putting loads of nonsense posts on (nowt changed there then) and sooner or later ppl will sit up and take notice,typing things like whos this idiot etc,but at least they were replying.
    ah happy days.


    have to agree with tiff, i went in f2 the other night because f1 was a spam fest, used all my best lines, tried and tested lines that never fail to get me enough attention to break into a cliche and ….nothing,,,i left very deflated and thought i was going to sob into my soup at one point during the night, f1 is better ..and the people that were in f2 at the time i went in there who said nothing to me, but are bantering with me in f1 should know which side their breads buttered on etc etc, very fickle busness. f1 rules x


    everything everyone has put is true, but wen f2 ws good it was the best room

    f2 rules

    it just got deadly dull the same insults, the same borin spammers, the same boy chasing and whining about the same girl , which dominated the room sadly zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    n alot left because of the insults ect, not that anyone cld blame em

    it proberly will make a comeback fingers crossed


    lots of good points on this thread……….I don’t think the name hiders and game players av helped f2, BUT sadly we get these ppl in all chat rooms, I think what really killed f2 was all the fighting and then the scrolling that followed it, those ppl involved don’t seem to visit f2 anymore unless they have recycled themselves, what too many chatters seem to over look is the fact the ignore function is there to be used and to protect yourself against unwanted attention, I knw it gets very trying keep clicking ignore but it does work, if i was charged for the amount of times I iggy ppl I would be co owner of jc haha………I now realise ppl on line can be who they wanna be, but dont let these ppl stop u frm coming here, they have the issues not the genuine ppl, I think when ppl become more than jc friends ie m sn and swap numbers etc then thats where the problems start, I would NEVER meet anyone off line again except my flurry, and certainly wont be giving out my number to anyone else, I should have paid more attention to the rules about giving out personal details but you live & you learn!! all I can say is plz choose ur internet friends very wisely and ALWAYS folllow ur intuition, I ignored my intuition a few times and it came back and slapped me in the face……….lesson learned! anyway lets get forum2 back on trackkk!!!!

    just sayin :D


    It’s an intricate sticky goo of hearsay and ornery. I have found, too often, people can seem to lose sight of the fact that it is a chat room. Words typed on your screen do not constitute truth or fact. It is commonly accepted that people are full of crap on here yet everyone still continues to bang on about it. Some seem to live off drama and if there is no drama naturally occurring, they will manufacture it themselves and the most ironic element, and saddest, is it is the people who you believe are the most genuine that disappoint you the most. What consenting adults choose to give or not give in respect of personal details is their business. Theirs’ being the key word that I feel the emphasis should be on. I’ve remained loyal to f2 and always will. I have no basis for comparison for any of the things I’ve seen here but I actually doubt other rooms or sites operate any differently.

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