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    Yet more lies and stories from the screenshot twins
    Trying to change the history so that one of them wins
    The way they both manipulate to twist your mind
    They have so much in common they are manipulative, unkind

    I hope that they are happy now its just those two
    Screenshotting eachother as its what they like to do
    They can gather all the evidence to prove it was all a show
    They can keep on saying ‘I love you’ and assume you don’t know

    I’m ready for my close up click click away
    I wonder how many secrets of mine you got today?
    Regardless of what’s thought of me, these people will betray
    I’m sure you are on their radar – Oh whose turn is it today?

    So just you remember when you’re in a pm
    Being yourself and honest with a so called friend
    They could be busy cut and pasting all the while
    In order to control you just because they are vile


    Psssst …who are the screenshot twins 😂

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    Sure they are not triplets? LMAO you just never know these days

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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