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    There is a a guy on here everyone wants to disappear

    He stays up twenty four seven typing diarrhea

    On benefits and full of Bi Polar skint and in despair

    Types in CAPS LOCK whilst pulling out his girlfriends hair

    Four ton of metal in his body  just to improve his weight

    As he’s only five foot seven 6 stone and feeling not to great

    Sitting in the shabby house being a nobody never going anywhere

    He has a third degree burn on his face from his girlfriends previous love affair

    She was with the last one for around ten year

    Then got married for one year making that eleven

    Husband  decided to beat her like an egg looking like humpty dumpty

    Then through her out as she was a cheat acting  like a numpty                                                    Ending up so distraught her whole life belongings in just asda carrier bag                    Then she discovered just chat as she logged on asking for  a fag

    Everyone did pity her so gave her some  chat addicted plums number

    She met him in a pub he looked like a bit of a cucumber

    But as she had nowhere to go her hair all shabby holes in her trainers

    He invited her back to his parents bedsit saying they were entertainers

    Door flies open his parents shocked dropped straight to the floor

    That’s right they were  devastated and ran of to ecuador

    so shocked to see the big round womble and her wobbly jaw

    Not forgetting her shabby basin cut and her wobbly eye

    That’s just amazing she never noticed it was a pigsty

    So as he met his true love here at justchat

    He forgets to tell her he’s just a chat addicted pratt

    So whilst he sits here twenty four seven impounded in cyberspace

    His real life is being reported to all the special services whilst typing off his face

    Now if he took the kids to the park for fresh air exercise and ice cream

    Instead of typing away whilst they shout n scream

    Now they move in together with the cupboards all bare

    Fill them full of grub for the kids instead of pulling out your hair




    The same guy is an ex con with an abh charge

    His girlfriend all wrinkly round and so large

    Maybe should do a house clean

    Instead of letting him type like Mr sheen

    all dopey and acting mean

    He seems to have broken a few laws

    Being reported to fbi as they type like bores

    When they type we fall asleep

    she looks like gretel

    Yes  not bo peep :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:


    But the laws they broke are in to deep

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    The same guy is three stone soaking wet

    Give him my address he started to sweat

    His girlfriend reported to you know who

    So maybe its time for a few

    Before they leave and become safe

    yes all three were just a waif

    New role models truly loved full filled needs

    As it dawns their heart bleeds  :rose:


    Yes he types like such a hard man surrounded in cyberspace

    Thinks he’s something special just by being off his face

    The way they bring them up shouting at them  a total disgrace

    We need to contact the right people to remove them from that place

    So whilst he’s ranting in caps lock thinking he is smart

    Some nice chap from here tore his real life apart :heart:   :heart:   :heart:


    now that sounds an interesting story.

    no idea who it’s about.

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    We tried to help a little dude telling her to calm down

    She said a swearword on her wee potty like a wee clown

    Has to stand on the toilet seat just to flush the chain

    When she lost her status oh boy she felt the pain

    Then as it was flushed down the cyber bog

    She got angry and typed like a frog

    So full of self hate  that’s where she met her fate

    Now just an anonymous number feeling dizzy used for chat bait

    pretends to be some ones friend just for info on her man

    Maybe that’s why he chose her as she looks like stan

    She has begged for his attention for seven years in her 2 inch skirt

    now he chose someone else her life’s just full of hurt  :cry:


    Yes  there is a guy whose not so wise

    Maybe he ate to many fries                                                                                                                     Yes feet are so big and so long

    His heart can only go ding dong

    Yes he’s the size of king kong

    His father went on holiday

    His mother went out to play

    He is here everyday :yahoo:


    oh give it a wee rest ffs..

    #1088829 we really care :)



    Interesting poems x

    Not bad Donna x

    Could have been smoother and more rhythmaticly flowing but over all they grabbed my attention and held my interest x

    Well done x


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