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    RIP to all those taken in London last night, and my thoughts are with the family’s affected

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    I second that.  Totally heart breaking for the victims involved and their families.

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    These attacks, and the RIPs are becoming horribly repetitive.

    I was worried about my lad, but he’s ok.

    Parents and relatives are becoming the modern-day equivalents of the women in the old mining village, clutching their shawls as they huddle by the gates, waiting to see who’s coming out of the pit disaster and who has been trapped or killed below.

    Nowadays, we clutch our mobile phones and wait from a long way off.

    We haven’t seen the pics yet, so we can’t fit people to tragedy.

    But yes, RIP




    Must be terrible suffering a terror attack – RIP to them all.


    My heart and prays go out to victims and families at this difficult time. I know that many Americans are as well offering these same thoughts.
    Our President even broadcast this morning sorrow and assistance to the u.k.


    I am not going to screw up again replying to a post with confusion.
    “Mime-must be terrible suffering a terror attack.”
    Lord if I could tell you how many times personally have gone through myself. I worked in New York City for awhile. May be reason left working in the area often close to terror.
    UN issue, FBI building, Boston, 911. Never will forget that one as way too close. Skies turned black with smoke. The smell. Lock downs at schools and roads.Fighter pilots and planes sounds low flying above us. Fear. We have had other attacks also hi-alert but kept low key.
    Our leaders tell us as I heard of those in London early this morning will not tolerate any longer, can not live in fear and so forth, so true. Honestly in a world we live in today and diversity who live among us, hidden cells of terror were placed long ago. Those terrorists live near us and in our own backyards. So we all move forward again. Live another day. “Hope” word used often. We stand next to each other and keep strong no matter where we live and support each other in times of need.
    Actually just turned on my own television in which we are getting a shared performance of “Manchester” being broadcast. 60,000 attending. Nice…. hope you never experience one mime, but if do, remember people come out, show love and support, stand together, fear gets lost in love…..

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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