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    Scott Walker, whose death was reported today, was an incredible musician of the first rank.

    I first noticed him as a teenager when he was singing for The Walker Brothers. Very dreamy songs, like make it Easy on Yourself, and The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Any More. They were as much a part of that melancholy, dreamy music before the Summer of Love as The mamas and the papas, or Simon and Garfunkel. At 15, I was just the right age to appreciate it.

    But his powerful baritone voice found its fullest expression in contemporary music, rather than pop,rose above pop with self-penned albums  Climate of Hunter and, especially Tilt. They are among the best of contemporary, rather than pop, music, but very sombre as they explore love, futility and death. They demand more than a two-minute attention span.  A bit too sombre – I can only take Tilt now and again.


    Well I admit was much younger. I recall hearing when younger my mother played songs she enjoyed. Never knew who artist was. I had to listen. Sad..the good music artist die too young some, the older ones well music, style never ever get’s replaced. God my dad faithful with Lawrence Welk. He worked so hard..only demanded to watch his favorite music hour. I cry every time heard, and a one, two, three, stick in hand and off the singers..we all laugh and promise dad his alone time.

    Well back to house work. Love Abba..dancing around with broom. Lol. Be well.


    Abba is excellent pop music, Linda.

    Scott Walker was an excellent pop singer for his own time.

    Pop is a very important part of our memory process. It’s throw-away music, for the most part, but in your teens it’s very important because it’s a way of joining in with what everybody else of your generation is singing.,a  well as asserting your independence from your parents. In the case of Lawrence Welk, the music may not be great in itself (you may disagree)  but recalls a particularly important time, brings back precious memories.

    The pop music of the 60s is important to me because it’s nostalgia. it recalls a time in my life when everything was new, experimental, exciting (to balance teen angst).

    But we move on to other types of music, whether it’s jazz, cabaret music (Sinatra etc), classical, world or contemporary music. Some pop is good, but the music we grow into isn’t throwaway, isn’t restricted to the time it appears, it lasts.

    I was pretty keen  on contemporary music (among other things), and Scott Walker developed into a very powerful singer-songwriter in the contemporary tradition. Very deep, powerful voice. Tilt, which came out in the 1990s,  is a classic.


    Did he ever sing at Notre Dam Sceppers?…LMAO RATF PML

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