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    MYBRIDE DIED OF  suicidewhy did you  have to take the overdose babe? things wernt thatopyouwere warned about the dangers to  stop being mad when you kept going  on about suicide

    i thouotght you wasnt really serious you always had too much pride


    you know like er  youdn got it got it out of your system and returned to sanity,with all that  sorted out

    i went for a drink,and it just turned to sick,when i got a call you better get,now to the hospital quick

    i was a hour  too  late,which i remember you going mad on our first date, i cried by your bed for ages,and i still cry nyow i think of you alwayps]]], i keep thinking i lfkill myself and join you as soon as ican

    but yanno i want to make a success of my life,not being an also ran,you were daft for doing what you did,,you were at your peak,we had only been married a week



    this poem is dedicated to patricia kelly  rest in peace darling xxxx i wont be long


    Suicide is not pride, it a reason to hide.  Makes all that pain you hide be put aside.

    Hard to walk the road truly alone u toss and turn and try to make new room.

    When the room not made, and all else fails, you broom and say I truly tried, not sure why, will life be like this again.


    are you trying to be a female me?

Viewing 4 posts - 11 through 14 (of 14 total)

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