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    Ireland is banning the burning of turf and poor Roz mite be left out in the cold  :wacko:

    Roz told me there tons of wood available mostly ash.  ( Roz always gives me wood ;-) )

    Burning unseasoned wood is now illegally in the EU and wood takes years to dry out. But there is away round it, wood chips/ pellets .  They season much faster and just need leaving in storage over the summer.

    Wood chippers cost about £400 or you can hire them.

    So now you have your wood chips/pellets, what can you do with them?

    Well you can get a boiler that burns them and heat your home  B-)



    Now cos Roz is worried about me nicking her clothes or turning her home into porn set… she wont tell me where she lives :negative:

    I cant size the house for heating :-(

    So I’m going to base her heating requirements  on basic common  UK gas boiler for comparison :  baxi 13kw gas boiler.

    And I found this lovey one for her  :yes:

    This cost around 4k to buy.

    But is it any good   :unsure:




    Well they seem to think so  :good:

    So let me price this up for you Roz  :heart:

    You will need radiator’s.  Its normal to have about 5. ( £600 with the pipes and valves )

    The boiler is 4k

    A buffer tank 1k

    2k for the installation

    So about 7.5k in total  :scratch:

    And there are grants to bring the cost down  :yes:

    My advice would be to talk to someone locally who puts them in. They will know the grants work in Ireland  and give you a better idea of the cost  :good:







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    hello dear fishy

    so pleased to see you are worried that im not warm and toasty this winter .

    All these new fangled devices look so complicated ill try stick to my open fire for as long as i can .Also i dont have 7 k to spare for a heating device .

    Yes we are moving away from fossil fuels and oil but the government must think we have  money trees in the back yard .

    The governmernt have a cheek trying to guilt working class people who have little cash

    into spending a kings ransom on solar panels electric cars new fire burning kits

    Shame on them when they do little to tackle big industries an all the rich and elites will be warm and toasty while the normal person can go cold .

    Im getting very tired of being told im a major polluter and i cant burn a few fallen trees for winter .Fires have been burned since cave man days and are in our DNA.

    Yes the planet is in trouble but i think its too late mother nature has a way of rectifying things even if it means a cataclysmic event .Bring it on mother nature we will live till we die :)




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    Roz you know I love you more than waking up naked  in asda shopping trolley in a bush on a Monday morning…. but your looking at this the wrong way.

    This is an off grid heating system and loads of people doing it.

    You can add any boiler you want…….including this one that burns anything for £2100   ;-)

    And biomass heating systems do sell second hand too.

    Until you get on the phone and start talking to people…. you wont know the true price.  I can only guess.   They will know how the grants work in your area.

    So pop on your best sexy voice and start getting quote’s  ;-)

    Remember this is a game… its called how much can I screw out the government for my new heating system  :bye:








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