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    Written last time I went on holiday

    See the Sunshine


    Pebbles on the beach salty  water where they bathe

    Stand against your feet, to and fro-ing of the waves

    The sky is bright and warm, the breeze is gently tame

    Summer in the air, you escaped the winter rain


    Its quiet here and peaceful, through the birds that’s disturb the calm

    Theres no phone no time no clock to wake up with its alarm

    You climbed up all the rocks looking for your pot of gold

    You were promised love and freedom because that’s that you were told


    In this life, there may be spanners thrown into your way

    You may feel great tomorrow but total shit today

    Through illness, loss – rejection or troubles with romance

    Lifes full of twists and turns, a headless chicken dance


    Now there are no voices, and the  beauty  is all here

    The whole world is your oyster truth is suddenly so clear

    The future can be sunshine wherever you may be

    This world may throw you lemons, you can drink them happily.


    Amended and added onto original to written in 2007


    You go back to real life and the coldness of winter

    You know you were wrong to not get rid of that splinter

    it festered it lingered and was no good to you

    But you just carried on just like most people do


    Begotten so rotten and so lacking unclear

    so overwhelmed with your pain you lost all clarity dear

    when you wake up and every day has clouds

    no applause no respect you don’t bow to crowds


    Did you ever want love from so many or so few

    They are so angry you think its always about you

    they say you seek attention but then give you so much

    I’m a little bunny rabbit trapped in your nasty bunny hutch


    You can love me or hate me that just tells me a lot

    I have obviously got something you have not

    STOP making me more important than I am

    You trolled me you ate me in a baguette with salad and ham


    We all like to giggle have fun and do our thang

    when chat is really boring with nothing happening

    funny is funny but going to far is too far

    I would like to run you over with my car


    LOL that was a reference to one of my other poems


    I look forward to going away even though I am fearful

    And going away without my kids makes me a little tearful

    But at the end of the day I want to venture out

    And remember what life and the worlds about


    My online persona is not really who I am,

    Come on most of you think I’m some grotty old man

    I brought up two kids it was hard on my own

    Now I’m sitting here in an empty house all alone


    I booked a trip that I hope will challenge me to strive

    To want to actually enjoy being alive

    Because the very truth is I haven’t felt any desire to exist

    And that is how I’ve felt sober not pissed










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    There is a future for you

    Just look to the light

    When you return from your trip

    Then you will find Mr right


    There is someone out there for you

    Keep looking and you will see

    They might just surprise you

    Whoever they might be


    My poetry is not as good as yours

    It does not rhyme or scan

    Poetry comes from the heart

    Our futures have no plan


    This poem isn’t finished

    More verses there will be

    These verses are in that future

    For those we’ll have to see




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    Very good xxx

    Impressed x


    Hugs and winks.

    Awesome, ahh been huding ur beautiful talent. Thank you for sharing.xxxxx :yes:


    The sun is out…have the clouds shifted? Is this just life’s mortal way……

    of telling life’s passing through the sun dial of the day?

    One can not always feel from the temperature on the skin…because although it’s important…..real feeling comes from within.

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    The sun is out…have the clouds shifted? Is this just life’s mortal way…… of telling life’s passing through the sun dial of the day?

    cool xx

    Im not happy though as i ruined a perfectly good poem by adding complete nonsence.  Not even sure it makes sense and if its just a totally different poem altogether.

    I must go back to just having titles given to me when i write other than writing off the top of my head crap that seems to lately only go one way.

    Writers block would often be better than some of the miserable bollocks i type in a poem. Never had writers block.  Often would be better if i did.


    That’s a difficult poem to comment on, Sarah.

    Like the curate’s egg – some good, some not so good.

    Parts of each poem are good – I wouldn’t say you added rubbish to the first poem.

    Your poems are sometimes like letters to a person who has been both important and disappointing to you in the past. Hopes and let-downs.

    Still, they are (on the whole) poems. I’ve always said that you have a talent.

    Why not work your feelings into a theme whihc at first sight has nothing to do with them.

    For example, you wrote about marbles and stuck to the theme – it was a poem about marbles, but at the same time ot was about much more than marbles. That was one of yours I really liked.

    I’m not going tos et a theme – that’s for you to decide.

    You might want to see a dvd called Poetry – but it is subtitled. It’s about a woman on the verge of dementia (much older than you, in other words) who goes to a creative writing class where they are all set a poem. It’s about how she ends up being the only one in the class to write a poem – and a powerful one it is. The poem is about the rape and suicide of a schoolgirl by her grandson (his mum had gone to another town, leaving him to be looked after by gran) and his schoolmates. A poem is her way of handling her deep sorrow for the victim and deep shame for her grandson.

    Does this post make sense to you?


    Makes perfect sense x


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