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    I’ve recently tried to change my profile pic and something has changed , it’s not letting you see your uploaded pic as before to crop it etc and only shows a tiny part of the pic you want to upload.

    im also aware I’m not the only person experiencing this there a glitch or something and can it be fixed please … thanks :scratch:

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    Knock knock.

    Martin any chance of a reply or fix for this as same problem?

    :wacko: :wacko:   :wacko:


    Edit a picture to 150 x 150 pixels before uploading.

    Upload picture to site and then click crop.

    If the picture is larger than 150 x 150 it will still upload but will crop the top left hand corner of the picture. Do not use pictures smaller than 150 x 150 pixels though.

    If you still have a problem editing a picture I can edit it for you.


    :whistle: laney i have that problem too you have to press it twice i found out ok from ann chant


    Not sure its a “setting”!


    btw happy bank holidays to all of u louts



    it is not the size prob from what i know, the reason is as i changed my image but saved the image i had before, but it fuked the image i used before up when i reuploaded it


    Well till its fixed i got this face!!!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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