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should the registered users have there own room like the quizzers do?

registered room

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    i had a convo with Uk tonight in the room and asked him below is his reply

    can i ask u a quick question please

    11 minutes ago

    11 minutes ago
    why cant the registered users have there own room like the quizzers do the guest thing is getting stupid?

    10 minutes ago

    that’s a good idea. how about starting a poll on the boards and we’ll gauge opinion. happy to set up a room for registered members only if that’s what people want
    9 minutes ago
    i know a lot of ppl are fed up with guests coming in abusing ppl leaving so u cant ignore them and coming back as a diff number

    8 minutes ago

    i don’t know if a registered users only forum will make a big difference, but it could help since registering over and over is not very convenient!
    6 minutes ago
    dunno to be honest coz ppl can just keeps registering but least we will know who they are and can be banned or gagged and make it an harder for them each time they do it

    5 minutes ago

    i hear you
    3 minutes ago
    ty ill do a poll as well just gets supid in here at times lol
    so what are your thoughts chatters ? or do you have any other sugestions?

    I’m all for it..but lots of Registered users have multiple accounts too ;-)

    so easy to do…sadly.

    Jan x


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    thnx for the votes ppl keep them coming

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    keep the votes coming chatters


    personally i find it a little childish that people are “afraid” to use their name in a chatroom and choose a number just to abuse, i had to use the stfu button on the same person 5 times last week because it didnt like that i put it on ignore so came back constantly with another number

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    This is a “free” site and so I voted no. My observation, for what it is worth, is that ‘some’ registered id’s are just as likely to be rude, offensive and abusive as “numbers” but much more likely to be tolerated by the regs. Plus some of those disruptive “regs” have already made multiple id’s to troll the room with and so I don’t quite understand the logic here other than reinforcing an existing JC clique which already alienates so called outsiders.

    It is fascinating though observing how “numbers” have become 2nd class citizens in such a short time (iggy is obviously difficult) and that “names”, including the disruptive ones, now wear the crown of moral superiority. I sometimes get the impression a handful of regs assume this site is run on their behalf and they want to banish anybody who is not in their clique. It will start with “numbers”  but it won’t end there will it.


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    This is possibly a good idea. There are some nice chatters who only use guest numbers who for their own reasons do not want to register. Maybe it would be possible if this is done for them to still access the members only forum either by their IP address or allowed in either through a registered member or a guide. Not all guests are trouble makers. There are some registered members that use guest numbers to abuse as well as trouble makers that do so.

    The biggest problem is that there are not enough guides to stop abuse. Maybe a better solution would be to allow all registered members the availability to remove guests that abuse.

    The removal of registered members that abuse would still be done by guides.

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    Bravo Ge. Excellent post.

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    Personally I am getting rather  bored of being called ugly and old and having grotty little shitbags bring up my past dead people and room 2’s cowardly pathetic namehiders now ‘guests’ saying the same old crap to me and not showing who they are just because they are fully aware that I will actually rip them a new one.   I am not a victim – I like banter, I am not afraid to tell people if I don’t like  them, I am a self confessed gobby defender.  I am unpleasant and say what I think when I deem it necessary.  I accept that I said too much when I first joined, I am not ‘having a ranty moan’ because I am saying poor me poor me what I am saying is why should I not be able to see exactly who is giving me crap so I can give it back or at least be able to block the little scroats and have them remain on block?  If I am disliked I am more than happy to accept insults but don’t be a coward about it.  Grow some balls so I can virtually bash you back or keep your ugly remarks to yourself.  :mail:

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    Disagree Guest numbers as get ‘social inadequates’. I also use my pic on any chat site I use as really am Edski and a profile is alot less confusing then the ‘who am I’ people. New to this site but think it may be spin off from one many years ago

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